11/19/20, 12:46 PM
Climate Policy Institute

Smog alarm: our common invisible enemy is air pollution

11/19/20, 12:37 PM
Leadership Programme

Coaching and leadership dilemmas

11/14/20, 10:48 AM
Secondary School Programme

Data & US

11/12/20, 11:01 AM

Religion, sexuality, soul

11/10/20, 10:42 AM
International Relations School

Security policy issues inside and outside the Hungarian border

11/9/20, 3:13 PM
Leadership Programme

What makes a successful start-up?

11/6/20, 3:19 PM
Budapest Lectures

City of fortune: How Venice Ruled the Seas

11/6/20, 2:40 PM
Collegium content

Conservative elite training to resume

11/5/20, 2:34 PM
Collegium content

Top-notch talent management

11/4/20, 2:14 PM
Collegium content

Election Night

11/3/20, 1:57 PM
International Relations School

The backstage of Europe

10/30/20, 12:46 PM
Roma Talent Programme

Roma heroes in the '56 Revolution

10/29/20, 12:57 PM
Postgraduate Programmes

MCC educates debate trainers

10/29/20, 12:55 PM
Economics School

Model change is needed due to the crisis

10/29/20, 12:52 PM
Women Public Leadership Programme

From the corporate sphere to a diplomatic career

10/24/20, 2:17 PM
Law School

The future of Christianity

10/22/20, 1:51 PM
International Relations School

Introduction to Hungarian defence policy

10/21/20, 1:39 PM
Leadership Programme

To create something out of nothing

10/19/20, 10:23 AM
Transylvanian Political School

Transylvanian Political School - the fourth grade has started

10/19/20, 10:21 AM
Secondary School Programme

We had the first hiking trip of the Secondary School Program

10/16/20, 10:29 AM
Social Sciences School

Experiences of the Borsod by-elections

10/15/20, 10:31 AM
International Relations School

Rocco Buttiglione visited the MCC

10/13/20, 10:37 AM
University Programme

MCC contribution to the Polish film about Trianon