9/26/22, 8:28 AM
School of Law, Center for International Law

Where East Meets West: Study Trip to Stockholm

Students at the Law School of MCC took part in a study trip to Stockholm organized by the Center for International Law of MCC. The goal of the study trip was to give insights into the unique atmosphere of the international dispute resolution of the prestigious Stockholm Arbitration Institute that has played a historic role in settling disputes between the Soviet Union and its successor states on the one hand and the Western states including the United States of America on the other. The study trip was especially timely as the Ukrainian conflict as well as the sanctions policy of the European Union could endanger this “bridge” function of the Stockholm and, in a broader sense, the European arbitration between East and West. The students could learn about these questions by visiting the relevant institutions, by participating in presentations of university professors, experts of this field, and lead attorneys as well as by engaging in open conversations with them.
9/22/22, 1:30 PM
Lunch Talks

The State of Digital Economy in the 21st Century

As a guest of our MCC Lunch Talks event series, Dr. Zoltán Ács, guest lecturer of the MCC Visiting Fellowship Program, gave a lecture on the state of the digital economy in the 21st century.
9/22/22, 12:58 PM
Ambassador Talks

We are not as different as we think!

We tend to think that there are such huge differences between Swedes and Hungarians, but this is not the case, the physical distance between the two countries is not that great.
9/19/22, 1:00 PM

The Master to the Director of the Lord of the Rings Holds a Seminar in Budapest

Robert McKee will be in Hungary between 15 and 17 November, at the invitation of Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC). Hollywood's most sought-after screenwriting instructor will deliver a three-day masterclass called STORY Seminar for students and interested attendees. The seminar, which started some four decades ago, have been running with huge success from Los Angeles through Sao Paulo to Sydney. At the invitation of the newly launched MCC Story Lab led by the screenwriter Norbert Köbli, the American expert will introduce students to the craft and behind-the-scenes secrets of filmmaking, now in Budapest.
9/14/22, 2:43 PM
Budapest Fellowship Program

The Budapest Fellowship Program enters its third year – Széchenyi's American descendant to conduct research in Hungary

Four more American researchers are coming to Hungary in the framework of the Budapest Fellowship Program (BFP) to spend ten months conducting research, teaching and participating in cultural and professional events. The BFP and the new researchers were presented at a press conference.
9/13/22, 1:29 PM
Budapest Lectures

Asset Management in Volatile Times

Experts who took part in MCC Budapest Lectures on ’Asset management in volatile times’ tried to navigate the maze of today's changing financial world. At the event, Derek Horstmeyer, Professor of Finance at George Mason University, Péter Kadocsa, CEO of AEGON Asset Management, and Márton Oláh, Board Member of Diófa Asset Management, all stressed that the main lesson of the past months is that even the most unexpected situations need to be considered when it comes to our finances.
9/12/22, 1:27 PM
Budapest Lectures

The Secret To Creating a Successful Media Platform in the 21st Century

The participants who attended the season opening of MCC Budapest Lectures event series organised by Mathias Corvinus Collegium were able to get familiar with the functioning of 21st century media platforms. The roundtable discussion took place in MCC's headquarters in Tas vezér Street with the participation of Zoltán Szalai, Director General of MCC and Editor-in-Chief of Mandiner; Sohrab Ahmari, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Compact magazine; and Jacek Karnowski, journalist and Editor-in-Chief of Sieci weekly. The event was moderated by Boris Kálnoky, Head of the MCC Media School.
9/8/22, 7:55 AM
Our Students Wrote

The American Quest to Save Higher Education

Under the flag of morality, progressive thinkers shut their eyes to questioning their dogmas and claim the exclusive right to formulate the truth which ultimately corrupts civic life in universities. Woke people have sacrificed classical liberal ideals for the sake of an envisioned reality. They turn their back on civic values, and instead, pledge allegiance to progressive ideals that they want to bring to fruition with intellectual hegemony and autocratic means. In the wake of this phenomenon, Western universities have lost their true purpose and created an intellectual environment that at best can be described as fertile grounds for uniformity of thought. There is even a logical fallacy between the advocated liberal diversity and the tangible uniformity of thought on campuses. The western world has seemingly advanced to a stage of postmodernism where politics has sneaked into universities and has corrupted student life.
9/1/22, 4:39 PM

Record number of students, new centers and instructors at MCC

Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) will start the 2022/23 academic year with 6.000 students, several new centers from September. The 26-year-old institution will also welcome new visiting fellows from abroad, and its training courses and public life programs are now available in 24 locations across the Carpathian Basin.
7/7/22, 7:45 AM
Lunch Talks

„The Judicial Robe of Europe” – conversation about the importance of judicial dialogue

Dialogue between courts is tremendously important, as the European Court of Justice is not infallible. It was one of the conclusions of the event organized by the Center for International Law of MCC about the importance of the European judicial dialogue based on mutual respect in which Christopher Vajda QC, former member of the Court of Justice of the European Union and Visiting Professor of King’s College London gave a presentation. After the presentation, Christopher Vajda QC, Federica Cristani, senior researcher at the Institute of International Relations in Prague, and Márton Sulyok, head of the MCC Center for Public Law, discussed the key aspects of judicial dialogue with Lénárd Sándor, the moderator of the event and head of the MCC Center for International Law.
7/6/22, 7:55 AM

Luxembourg in Révfülöp: A European Way of Holiday

As Europeans do we have a specific worldview or a unique way of seeing and understanding things? Do we have a unique European way of life? If so, on what pillars can this unique way of life rest and do we have a responsibility to protect it? Christopher Vajda QC, the last British member of the Court of Justice of the European Union, sought answers to these and similar questions at the summer camp of the MCC School of Law in Révfülöp. The conversation was moderated by Lénárd Sándor, head of the Center for International Law at the MCC.
6/21/22, 2:01 PM
Our Students Wrote

Common law in the EU integration, environmental law and constitutional identity of Ireland (Part II)

- an interview on current legal challenges in Ireland with Chief Justice Frank Clarke -
6/21/22, 2:00 PM
Our Students Wrote

Common law in the EU integration, environmental law and constitutional identity of Ireland (Part I)

- an interview on current legal challenges in Ireland with Chief Justice Frank Clarke -
6/21/22, 12:57 PM
Lunch Talks

A freedom unrealized?

On the last event of this semester’s MCC Lunch Talks series, our speaker was Dr. David Hodge, a guest lecturer at the MCC Visiting Fellowship Program. He gave a presentation on the international status of religious freedom.
6/10/22, 8:44 AM
University Program

MCC is awaiting further success

About seventy graduating students of the University Program of Mathias Corvinus Collegium received their diplomas at a graduation ceremony held at the talent institution's headquarters in Budapest on 9 June 2022. The event marked the end of a highly successful academic year. From September 2022. MCC will have 5,500 students in 24 centres in the Carpathian Basin, including Nyíregyháza. Led by Norbert Köbli, Béla Balázs Prize-winning Hungarian screenwriter and renowned artist, a new center will also start its operation soon.
6/8/22, 10:59 AM
Ambassador Talks

The Ambassador of Switzerland to Hungary paid us a visit

We have just held our last Ambassador Talk event for the semester.
5/31/22, 11:46 AM
Lunch Talks, Visiting Fellowship Program

The Afghan State and the Traditional Social Order

As the guest of our MCC Lunch Talks event series at the end of May, Dr. Sergei Andreyev, a visiting fellow of MCC gave a presentation on the relationship between the Afghan state and tribes and the sources of social tensions.
5/31/22, 8:53 AM
Budapest Fellowship Program, Visiting Fellowship Program

Discover Hungary – Szeged

The last stop of the Discover Hungary series was on last Thursday, during which we visited Ópusztaszer and Szeged with the members of the Budapest Fellowship Program and the MCC Visiting Fellowship Program.
5/24/22, 11:37 AM
Lunch Talks

The Protection of Freedom of Expression from Social Media Platforms

The fourth, and the last speaker of the special MCC Lunch Talks series of May was András Koltay, PhD, lawyer, head of the MCC Center for Free Speech.
5/23/22, 2:21 PM

High Courts Inside Out

Michael Shenkman, Deputy Counselor to the Chief Justice of the United States, and the Administrative Director of the Supreme Court Fellows Program and Attila Szabó, Chief of Cabinet of the President of the Hungarian Constitutional Court shared their experiences.
5/17/22, 11:23 AM
Lunch Talks

The European Public Prosecutor’s Office: A bull in a china shop?

The third speaker of the special MCC Lunch Talks series of May was András Csúri, PhD, lawyer, head of the MCC Center for Criminal Law.
5/17/22, 8:14 AM
Ambassador Talks

The Ambassador of Slovenia to Hungary paid us visit

The handling of the coronavirus pandemic and distrust in the old parties caused the political realignment following the elections in Slovenia, said the Ambassador analysing the results. At Monday's Ambassador Talk event, not only did Marjan Cencen present the political situation in our south-western neighbour, but he also spoke about his duties as an ambassador and the challenges of his job.
5/13/22, 12:08 PM

The MCC Teaching and Educational Strategy is now available online!

Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) has published a strategy document which aims to lay down the unique teaching and educational principles of the institution. These principles have been crystallized over 25 years of experience, and following a professional dialogue conducted in 2021 and 2022, the document has been completed and expanded.
5/13/22, 11:04 AM
School of Law

Inter Arma Enim Silent Lēgēs?

Bruno Simma, former member of the International Court of Justice, currently professor of law at the University of Michigan, and Réka Varga, former legal counsel to the International Committee of the Red Cross, currently associate professor at the Péter Pázmány Catholic University sought answers to this question in the context of the Russo-Ukrainian War in the event organized by the MCC International Law Center. The conversation was moderated by Lénárd Sándor, head of the MCC International Law Center.
5/11/22, 2:35 PM
Lunch Talks

The Multifaceted Nature of International Law

The second speaker of the special MCC Lunch Talks series of May was Lénárd Sándor, PhD, lawyer, economist, head of the MCC Center for International Law.
5/9/22, 1:07 PM

What’s Next for Hungary?

Respect for traditions and culture is the basis of modern conservatism, said Balázs Orbán, MCC's Chairman of the Board of Trustees in London. MCC's lecturers and researchers also attended the conference where they analyzed the Hungarian parliamentary elections. The event "What's Next for Hungary - The Political Landscape After the Election" was organized by the Matthias Corvinus Collegium (MCC), the Danube Institute and the Hungarian Conservative in cooperation with the Embassy of Hungary.
5/6/22, 11:25 AM
Ambassador Talks

The Ambassador of Hungary to Finland was in Budapest

H.E. Klára Breuer, Ambassador of Hungary to Finland, was the latest guest of the MCC Ambassador Talks series.
5/5/22, 2:18 PM
Budapest Fellowship Program, Visiting Fellowship Program

Discover Hungary: Pannonhalma

During our last spring trip, participants of the Budapest Fellowship Program and Visiting Fellows had the opportunity to explore one of Hungary's most precious historical town Pannonhalma.
5/3/22, 8:03 AM
Lunch Talks

This is how bitcoin will die

The first speaker of the special MCC Lunch Talks series of May was Géza Sebestyén, PhD, economist, associate professor, head of the MCC Economic Policy Center.
4/14/22, 3:32 PM

„Islands of excellence should meet, this makes Europe better” – Spyridon Flogaitis, President of the European Public Law Organization visited the MCC

Organised by MCC, and its Public Law Center, in cooperation with Constitutional Discourse, the President of the European Public Law Organization, Professor Spyridon Flogaitis, has visited Budapest between 11-12 April. During the two days, he has met several heads of the different centers from MCC and the colleagues of the Law School, but also participated in a roundtable discussing the current topics and trends in European constitutional discourse with Rodrigo Ballester, Lénárd Sándor, Kálmán Pócza and Márton Sulyok. During the roundtable, in a back-and-forth of questions between the panelists, Prof. Flogaitis has highlighted the diversity of the Member States of the EU through the example of his home country, Greece, and called attention to the fact of Member States’ viewpoints, with special focus on their different „constitutional pasts”. The EPLO President talked about his views on European integration, the current and future role of politics and the very different roles of politician and judges. In addition, he addressed the concurrent, different interpretations of the rule of law in this context. He emphasized the relationship of the Court of Justice of the EU and national constitutional courts.
4/14/22, 3:04 PM

“It’s great to have a lot of indexes measuring rule of law, but they should not be dominant in informing European policy decisions” – Webinar with Professor Nuno Garoupa

The Public Law Center and the Center for Constitutional Politics have had the pleasure to host Prof. Nuno Garoupa from George Mason University (Fairfax, USA) for a webinar talk regarding the 2021 book edited by Garoupa and two co-editors titled “High Courts in Global Perspective”.
4/11/22, 1:23 PM
Election Nights

French Election Night at MCC

A week after the Hungarian parliamentary elections, the Election Night series of Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) once again focus on events abroad. This time, the first round of the French presidential election was on the agenda at the MCC headquarters in Tas vezér Street.
4/5/22, 8:07 AM
Leadership Academy

Scenario-based exercise

In the spring semester of 2022, a scenario-based warfare exercise for students of the MCC Leadership Training Programme was again organised. The training was taught this year by Hungarian Army Lieutenant Colonel Csaba Bakos anew, the only Hungarian professional soldier to have taught at the most famous military academy in the United States - and certainly in the world - West Point.
4/1/22, 4:18 PM
Budapest Fellowship Program, Visiting Fellowship Program

Discover Hungary - Szentendre

At the end of March, as the spring weather arrived, some participants of the Budapest Fellowship Programme and the Visiting Fellowship Programme had the opportunity to explore one of Hungary's most beloved jewel boxes: Szentendre
3/28/22, 2:42 PM

MCC’s unique talent management program in an English documentary?

MCC’s internationally unique program is also featured in a documentary produced by the New Culture Forum with Peter Whittle.
3/21/22, 2:22 PM
Lunch Talks

How to Find a Path for Political Realism in the 21st Century?

Our guest speaker at this week's MCC Lunch Talks was Thibaud Gibelin.
3/11/22, 11:43 AM
Election Nights

Elections in South Korea

The latest event of the MCC Election Night series focused on the South Korean election. Renowned experts analyzed the possible outcomes of the elections, the country's political, economic and social system, as well as the past, present and future of Hungarian-South Korean relations.
3/10/22, 9:00 AM

MCC for families in Transcarpathia

In recent times, just like the whole country, Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) has also moved to help families in Transcarpathia whom the war has put into extremely difficult situation.
3/8/22, 8:34 AM
Lunch Talks

Playful Attitude in Everyday Life

Our last guest of MCC’s Lunch Talks series was Dr. Gábor Csepregi, past president of Université de Saint-Boniface (Winnipeg) and of Dominican University College (Ottawa) MCC's visiting fellow.