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The communities are a good starting point to protect human rights because, it is they who understand the reasons behind protecting rights -pointed out by Josephat Kilonzo in lecture organized by MCC in the University of Miskolc.

As the guest professor of the MCC Center for International Law, the Kenyan-born Josephat Kilonzo from the Strathmore University, gave a lecture to about 150 students of the Faculty of Law and Political Science at the University of Miskolc. Dr Kilonzo came to Hungary as a speaker of the international conference “Rescuing Our Inalienable Rights.”

His lecture was centered around the African approach to fundamental rights. As it was presented, the African approach, unlike the European one, believe in the rights of the people and communities due to the unique historical development, geography and legal culture. The guest speaker also explained that rights are accompanied by obligations towards the community. He also pointed out that this concept, although it derives from the Universal Declaration, is unique to the African continent and thus can ensure the protection of African culture and the specific characteristics of African peoples.

Although Dr. Kilonzo has now returned to his country, we thank him for his thought-provoking lecture and hope to have the opportunity to welcome him as our guest again!