Modul University Vienna

MCC is providing a new opportunity for Hungarian students in the Carpathian Basin through Modul University Vienna. The achievements of the Vienna institution, which has been steadily developing over the past 15 years, speak for themselves.

Modul University Vienna offers high quality practical training and has a very strong research program - and MCC is now joining in. According to the 2020 edition of U-Multirank, which uses a multidimensional, user-oriented approach to rank higher education institutions internationally, Modul University Vienna is among the 25 universities with the most cited studies in the world. The university builds on excellent small-group, mentoring-based, internationally renowned teaching, with a strong research background and a personalized talent management approach. Teachers at the university come from more than 40 countries.

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Application Deadline for Scholarship: August 18, 2023

MCC's international growth is supported by renowned professors and experts: