Postgraduate Programs

Graduation from an MCC School is an important milestone for MCC Students. Not only does it mark the halfway point of their university education, but it marks the point where they move from general education, to identifying their own unique career path. To support this evolution, MCC’s Postgraduate Training courses offer programs for unique and individualized professional and personal development.
Our Postgraduate Programs are designed to meet the diverse needs of our graduated students. With a degree in their pocket, some want to try their hand in the job market, others would like to immerse themselves in academia or gain experience abroad. And there are or course those who want to do all these things one after another.
MCC's Postgraduate Programs offer the widest possible range of options in a structured framework to meet the diverse needs of our students. The MCC Research Center Membership Program provides a steppingstone for those wishing to pursue a career as a researcher or analyst, and the Junior Researcher Program provides an opportunity to progress further in this career path. The Leadership Academy is recommended for those who seek to take on a leadership role in economic, public or cultural organizations, while the Janus Pannonius Program Year is primarily for those who, for one year, wish to fully exploit the opportunities made available by MCC. To obtain an MCC Postgraduate Diploma, you must complete at least two of the above training programs.
Self-motivation, independent accomplishment of set goals, and regular communication are the cornerstones of all of our postgraduate programs. Students are expected to have a positive attitude and a proactive approach.