Other Conferences

Mathias Corvinus Collegium is promoting intellectual excellence and critical thinking among young people. One of their key initiatives is organizing international conferences that bring together students and experts from around the world to engage in meaningful dialogue and exchange ideas. These conferences cover a wide range of topics, from economics and politics to philosophy and culture, and are designed to foster a spirit of collaboration and intellectual curiosity among participants. Through its commitment to organizing high-quality, intellectually stimulating conferences, MCC has become a leading voice in the global conversation about education, innovation, and intellectual exchange.

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MCC Budapest Peace Forum

Technological Competition Between China and the United States

The Purpose and Limits of International Courts

MCC Conference on Leadership: Invent Your Own Way

The European Political Community: Changing Everything So That Nothing Changes?

MCC Conference on the Future of Publishing


Walking the New Silk Road – EU-China Economic-Legal Relations and Dispute Settlement in Context

MCC Conference on Essential State Functions in Platform Regulation


MCC Conference on the Freedom of Expression in the Digital Age