University Program

Mathias Corvinus Collegium’s University Program (EP) consists of a one-year Junior Training Program for first-year students, followed by a two-year program within MCC’s Schools for second and third-year students, and concluded by a two-year program through the Leadership Academy for master’s students or other various postgraduate training opportunities.

The University Program offers a unique educational opportunity for students participating in higher education. In addition to Budapest and Kolozsvár, the program is available in five university towns, Debrecen, Győr, Miskolc, Pécs and Szeged.

The program cirriculum is modular, which means that students can complete the three major course modules independently of each other. Furthermore, the program provides continuous mentoring to students, individually developing their skills and abilities and giving them the opportunity to gain practical experience and theoretical knowledge. Students can listen to lectures by renowned foreign professors, authors, corporate and government decision-makers, which further adds prestige and exclusivity to MCC’s University Program. It also supports students' participation in various contests and conferences and rewards the most talented with scholarships in both Hungary and abroad.

The first stage of the University Program is the Junior Training Program, which is open to students who have completed their high school studies. The Junior Training Program provides students with a foundational basis of knowledge that they can use confidently throughout their studies and career paths. The program develops effective and open-minded thinking, as well as written and oral skills through its training. By the end of the first academic year, all students are expected to acquire an advanced level of English knowledge, which MCC supports with free language courses. Courses for Junior students include Formal and Informal Logic, Political Philosophy, Micro- and Macroeconomics, and Argumentation and Debate. 

Once students finish the Junior Training Program, MCC Schools provide students with solid professional foundations through building theoretical and practical knowledge, individual development, and their own field-centric specialized approach. The small-group training courses with a focus on personalized interdisciplinary elements complement conventional higher education and are a niche in Hungary, and a rarity in Europe. Currently, students can apply to six schools: School of Law, School of International Relations, School of Economics, School of Media, MCC-Mindset School of Psychology, and School of Social Sciences and History.

Based on the Anglo-Saxon model, each school is divided into separate centers, where school and center leaders, as well as a growing team of researcher-teachers organize lectures, conferences, coordinate research, take part in MCC’s publishing program, engage in expert analysis and interpretation of global and Hungarian developments. MCC schools are directed by renowned Hungarian experts, academics, and instructors with extensive experience in higher education.