Roma Talent Program


MCC’s Roma Talent Program has been designed as a complimentary course to formal education, supporting secondary school and university level students.

Launched in 2018 with support from the Ministry of Human Capacities, the Roma Talent Program aims to help secondary and university students of Roma descent in their career path, entrance exams, and obtaining degrees. It provides free language courses, mentoring, and community building, with drama pedagogy and personality development methods. The program also includes summer camps and provides computing devices to students who complete the first year successfully. The Patron of the Program is Balog Zoltán, Ministerial Commissioner and former Minister of Human Resources.

Curriculum designed by:

  • Prof. David P. Venter, Professor of Vlerick Business School, Nelson Mandela’s Former Senior Communications Advisor
  • Prof. Malcolm Gillies, former London Metropolitan University Chancellor
  • Carlton Highsmith, Businessman, Member of the Board of Directors of Connecticut Center for Arts & Technology
  • Dr. János Tanács, Senior Lecturer, Head of Department of Economics, János Neumann University