MCC Mobility+

MCC Mobility+ provides research options for students studying in international scholarships. In addition to their study programs, students conduct research and can publish their findings on a topic related to their host country and their studies. The program was launched in the 2021 with seven students, and by 2022, this number had grown to 44 participants.

In the framework of Mobility + students are provided additional funding for their study scholarships abroad. In addition to the scholarship they are participating in through mobility+, students also carry out research with the help of the respective head of their MCC School. Additionally, they are expected to produce a study paper at the end of the scholarship period which reflects the knowledge, experience, and information acquired through the support of Mobility+. Besides the larger research paper due at the end of the program, participants are also expected to produce a monthly paper, which is published at MCC's blog Corvinák. This allows students to practice their writing abilities, while also familiarizing themselves with publishing research results, key skills necessary for any future academic, researcher, or analyst. 

Some of Our Previous Mobility+ Grantees


Marcell Balázs-University of St. Gallen

Topic: Switzerland’s Integration into the International Financial System

Adél Kovács-University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business

Topic: Analysing the First Year of the Biden Administration

Boglárka Sass-Johannes Kepler University

Topic: The Relationship Between Austrian Banks and support Fintech Start-Ups


Flóra Nagyszokolyai-Uppsala University

Topic: Impact of Public Measures on the Swedish Housing Market

András Ferenczy-Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Topic: The Urban Development of Karlsruhe through the Lens of Industrial Transformation

Anna Káldy-Athens University of Economics and Business

Topic: Public Opinion of Greeks Towards their Economy


Anna Rebeka Gaszner-University of Regensburg

Topic: Effect of Personality Traits on Consumer Decision-Making

Ákos Virág-Erasmus University of Rotterdam

Topic: Comparative Study of European University Start-Up Ecosystems

Dorottya Zakariás-National University of Singapore

Topic: Analysis of Education and Innovation in Singapore

Pál Osztovits-Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg

Topic: Tort Liability and AI