Scrutopia Summer School

Through the framework fo the Training Grant, successful applicants now have the opportunity to attend the Scrutopia Summer School, a summer university founded by one of the most outstanding international thinkers of our time, Sir Roger Scruton. The program acquaints participants with the oeuvre and intellectual heritage of Sir Roger Scruton through private, philosophical, and historical seminars, lectures and art programs.

This opportunityis due to a new partnership agreement between the Roger Scruton Legacy Foundation and MCC, students and alumni have an exclusive opportunity to apply to this unique program and learn about the legacy of Sir Roger Scruton. 

Who can apply?

Only MCC students and members of the Alumni can apply for the scholarship. The Scrutopia Summer School is held annually in the Cotswolds region of England. 

This year, the Scrutopia Summer School will be held on Friday 19th – Friday 26th July 2024.