Budapest Fellowship Program

The Budapest Fellowship Program was launched by Mathias Corvinus Collegium and the Hungary Foundation, in cooperation with Ludovika - University of Public Service. The fully funded program provides a unique opportunity for American scholars and professionals to gain a deeper understanding of Central Europe, especially Hungarian history and culture. The Budapest Fellowship Program offers thematic seminars, extensive networking opportunities, and monthly field trips in Hungary and the neighboring countries.

Fellows have the opportunity to conduct research guided by a mentor, to give lectures, and to hold seminars and workshops in the specialized training programs of Mathias Corvinus Collegium. In addition to their academic activities at MCC, fellows gain practical experience at a Budapest based host institution. The objective of this 10-month program is to build a network of American scholars and professionals who are deeply acquainted with the driving forces of Hungarian history and culture.

Publications of the participants of the Budapest Fellowship Program:

Nicole Nemeth / Senior Fellow

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