Budapest Fellowship Program

The Budapest Fellowship Program is a joint project of Mathias Corvinus Collegium and the Hungary Foundation, with cooperation from the University of Public Service. This fully funded program provides a unique opportunity for American scholars and professionals to gain a deeper understanding of Central Europe, with particular focus on Hungarian history and culture. The Fellowship offers thematic seminars, extensive networking opportunities, and monthly field trips to important sites in throughout Central Europe.

This 10-month program enables fellows, guided by well-known Hungarian mentors, to conduct research, lecture, and participate in both seminars and workshops at Mathias Corvinus Collegium. In addition to their MCC activities, fellows gain important work experience at a Budapest-based host institution. As part of the immersion aspect of the Fellowship, Budapest Fellows take intensive Hungarian courses, regularly organized trips to important sites throughout Hungary, and attend weekly lectures to acquaint them with the driving forces of Hungarian history, culture, and politics.

The Fellowship begins in September and ends in July, with applications opening in the Spring of every year.

For more information please visit our partner organization’s website.