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Center for International Law


What We Need Is a Vision For Europe
Budapest Lectures
Center for International Law


“What Binds Europe Together Is Christianity”
Center for International Law


Protecting Our Cultural Heritage in International Law
Budapest Lectures
Center for International Law


Sports Embody the Virtues that Elevated the Western Civilization
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Youth Talent Program

Started in 2015, Mathias Corvinus Collegium's Youth Talent Program (FIT), serves the youngest age group involved in the Collegium's education activities. Currently, training programs are available in 23 locations across the Carpathian Basin. As of 2023, FIT involves 70 staff members, 9 mentor-instru...

High School Program

Launched in 2002, MCC's High School Program (KP), offers Hungary’s most talented high-school students with development opportunities in the field of social science. This tuition-free and supplemental educational program is based on a combination of in-person and distance learning skill-building sess...

University Program

Mathias Corvinus Collegium’s University Program (EP) consists of a one-year Junior Training Program for first-year students, followed by a two-year program within MCC’s Schools for second and third-year students, and concluded by a two-year program through the Leadership Academy for master’s student...

Public Affairs Programs

MCC’s Public Affairs Programs are recommended for those who wish to complement their knowledge obtained in higher education with skills and expertise that are essential to act as well-informed public leaders and decision-makers in political, economic or, cultural spheres.

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