Real communities are characterised by a shared sense of responsibility, outward-looking attitude and loyalty. And so is the community of the MCC alumni currently counting several hundreds of members and that number is expected to increase in the years to come by orders of magnitude. In addition to their expertise and experience, our graduated and committed students provide financial support for the mission of talent promotion. Under MCC’s Generational Bonds Programme, our alumni members, who have already settled in the labour market, undertake to pay for the accommodation of a student, support their professional development and pave their career path as much as possible for a period of one year. Dinners serve a similar purpose, as it is where our students have the opportunity to establish close contact with the alumni members, to receive career guidance from them, and where attendants can learn from one another. Such support must be steadily provided and to this end MCC also set up a Career Office aiming to help students in finding the best possible job on the labour market and corporations in recruiting the finest experts and managers when contacting MCC.