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The impact of creativity and innovation on business success was discussed by recent Budapest Lecture guest Deepak Ohri, CEO and founder of Lebula Hotels and Resorts.

Deepak Ohri began his lecture by stating that creativity must always come before innovation and that anyone who wants to succeed cannot be creative because success reflects a desire rather than an outcome. He said in his speech that even with the advance of artificial intelligence, it is still possible to identify a niche market with business potential, such as creating a hotel chain with locations in all the world's best wine regions. As Deepak Ohri explained, not all expensive things are luxurious. He emphasized that luxury is expressive and that purchasing a luxury item is like purchasing a story rather than just a product. He also asserted that a lack of necessary self-awareness is the greatest obstacle to creativity. Aside from motivation and success, the lively conversation also touched on how to launch a business and the CEO’s own life story and the lessons he learned on his pathway to success.