University Schools

The foundation of MCC’s University Program rests on MCC’s six schools to which students can apply. These are the School of Law, the School of Economy, the School of International Relations, the School of Media, the Mindset-Psychology School, and the School of Social Sciences and History. Following the British model, these schools are divided into centers where their constantly expanding faculty of teachers and scientists, organize lectures and conferences, coordinate scientific research, publish studies, articles and participate in current and relevant public debates. The schools are headed by reputable Hungarian experts, academicians, and faculty members with long experience in higher education and their respective field.

The education gained through this program provides students with sound theoretical and practical knowledge, a solid professional foundation of the different disciplines, individual development, and a unique approach. It provides all that is impossible to be imparted to talented young people in mass education. MCC’s individualized interdisciplinary training in small groups supplementing traditional higher education is a gap-filler in Hungary and a rarity elsewhere in Europe. Currently.

We believe that broad-mindedness and a multidisciplinary approach are important attributes of future talented leaders, therefore we give the opportunity our students and encourage them to attend lectures from other schools, and we invite our teachers to organize joint professional programs for the students.