Leadership Academy


MCC Leadership Academy empowers talents to be ready to make decisions for future communities.

Knowing yourself, understand your place in the world, and be ready to make decisions!

7 thoughts about us:

MCC Leadership Academy

gives a chance for the improvement of youths for no tuition fee,

for attracting, developing and nurturing the leadership potential of Hungary,

by offering a “fast-lane track” for a selected group of junior talents,

with Hungarian focus, sense of duty, respectfulness,

while teaching the practice of competences pertaining to the art of leadership.


It’s not just about business, it’s about business and more.

We believe in educating creative, flexible and imaginative leaders who take positive effect on others, are role models, and act as they wish to be treated by others.


7 thoughts about our students:

As an MCC Leadership Academy graduate, you will

make right decisions in the right moments,

exercise your power for influencing and inspiring others,                       

be adaptive to the VUCA world, being prepared for new challenges, changes, and crises every day,

invent your own way of leadership,

feel responsibility for yourself and for your community,

be ready to leave your mark on Hungary and the world,

learn the Art of Leadership today for the World of Tomorrow!