Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is the last step in a student's MCC journey. Its provides personalized and free training and coaching for young graduates beginning their careers. The purpose of this elite training program is to strengthen and improve the quality of new leaders in Hungary. This intensive training course does not follow the outline of conventional leadership training programs, instead, it focuses on building knowledge and character, as well as practice and experiential learning.

The Leadership Academy enables young professionals to develop into capable leaders. In order to attract, develop, and foster Hungary's next generation of leaders, it provides a free "fast-track" program for a selected group of young talents. The Academy’s program, however, is about much more than just business. As the Academy's motto puts it: "Know yourself, understand your place in the world and be decisive."

Their intensive leadership training program is modular both in time and content. The first month is devoted to an intensive preparatory training which covers the basics and develop basic leadership skills. This is followed by a nine-month period, during which students gain increasingly complex experiences and leadership skills through classroom and practical activities.

During this period, courses, trainings, company visits, project assignments, discussions, study trips and community programs alternate, always focusing on professional development and experience. Besides these activities, students also taught crucial development skills both individually and in groups, including presentation techniques, problem solving, communication and leadership skills.