Public Affairs Programs

MCC’s Public Affairs Programs are recommended for those who wish to complement their knowledge obtained in higher education with skills and expertise that are essential to act as well-informed public leaders and decision-makers in political, economic or, cultural spheres.

These programs are intended for those who wish to become organizers and leaders of their own respective community and use the skills and knowledge they have acquired at MCC institution to benefit that community. These weekend-based training programs take place in different locations and gives participants in-depth experience beyond the conventional classroom or digital learning. MCC’s Public Affairs Programs include the Transylvanian School of Politics, the Women's Public Leadership Program, and the Transcarpathian Public Leadership Program. The head of Public Affairs Programs is Dávid Kosztrihán, while the Transcarpathian Public Leadership Program is led by Dominika Padenics, the Transylvanian School of Politics by Szilárd Szerényi and Fanni Sárkány leads the Women's Public Leadership Program.