Institute For Hungarian Unity

Established in 2023, the Institute for Hungarian Unity analyzes the basic elements of national identity - and the threats to it - and to convey and place them in the public consciousness in a modern form that can be interpreted, thematized, and built upon for younger generations.

 It’s research strategy is to survey, analyze, present, and educate the public about the foundations of Hungarian culture in both Hungary and the diaspora, various community-preserving efforts, the situation of the Hungarian minorities throughout the world, and Hungary’s contemporary cultural heritage. The institute works in cooperation with other MCC institutes and other research centers in related fields, while also maintaining a constant public dialogue. At the same time, the institute raises, researches, and analyzes the problematic issues of memory politics that determine Hungarian identity, that are often overlooked in contemporary public and intellectual discussions. The Institute for Hungarian Unity objectively researches, intentionally avoiding ‘fantasy and lyricism’, to present widely - in films, exhibitions, and books - the cohesive force that ensures and makes the intellectual independence of a nation, the basis of all other layers of sovereignty, crisis-resistant.

The director of the Institute is Dr. Gábor Margittai, literary historian and documentary filmmaker.