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In a unique philosophical conference, MCC students explored beauty as a force that shapes both community and character. The event was held at Cambridge University, the alma mater of Roger Scruton, in the prestigious Peterhouse College, the university's oldest building complex. Students explored the depths of aesthetics with renowned professors and international academics at the event, organized by the Sir Roger Scruton Legacy Foundation.

The participants first learned about Sir Roger Scruton's philosophy of aesthetics from Professor Anthony O'Hear, a friend of Scruton and a professor of philosophy at Buckingham University. The speakers then addressed the subject of Art and Modernity before Cambridge Professor Douglas Hedley, Professor of the Philosophy of Religion delivered a lecture on the relationship between Beauty and the Sacred.

Additionally, MCC students had the chance to present academic presentations on their own personal research projects.

Leading aesthetician Professor Nick Zangwill explored the philosophy of music, and afterwards, attendees enjoyed captivating presentations on music as art, including one by Mr. Benjamin Crocker, Academic Programs Manager at the University of Austin. Professor Grant spoke about understanding literature and leading classical architect Robert Adam delivered an insightful lecture on architecture and beauty.

The conference ended with a wonderful musical performance, followed by a discussion on cultivating spiritual beauty, which featured presentations by Ms. María Sánchez, co-founder of Arte Civico society and Dr. Justine Kolata, founder of Beautiful Soul, an organization working to revive salon culture.