10/5/23, 4:39 PM

Hundred Years of Hurt: The Impact of the Past on the Present

"Understanding other countries’ collective memories is crucial for successful diplomacy, one cannot, for example, understand Hungary without understanding how Hungary remembers Trianon. Neither would I recommend anyone embark on a diplomatic mission to Hungary without understanding 1956 means either," said Stephen Travis Sholl, Head of MCC's International Communications Group, and guest speaker at MCC-Debrecen.
10/4/23, 10:00 AM

Csaba Moldicz: Geopolitics in Central Europe

Before the region's political and economic transformation in the early 1990s, the history of Central European countries appeared to be a collection of unfulfilled dreams of freedom. Neither the revolutions of 1848, nor the uprisings against Soviet rule in Poland, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia, succeeded in bringing about the long-awaited changes. With the collapse of the communist bloc in 1989, however, a pathway was opened to democratization, full sovereignty, and a market economy. While the reintegration of the region into the Western world has brought partial economic successes, these countries have also been confronted with two interlinked pitfalls.
10/2/23, 1:09 PM
School of Law, Center for International Law

“Fundamental rights assume a political community and sovereignty that are able to protect them.”

„The fundamental rights and responsibilities are integral part of our cultural heritage, and the sovereignty of our nation is essential for their protection” – was pointed in the international legal conference of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) and the Barna Horváth Law and Liberty Circle. The conference’s panel discussions, attended by high number of participants explored the proliferation of rights claims that distort the balanced idea of fundamental rights and responsibility, the essential role of sovereignty and subsidiarity in protecting rights, the dangers of the increasing secularization or the challenges of economic globalization.
10/2/23, 11:40 AM
Budapest Lectures, Center for International Law

Constitutional Crises in America

“It is increasingly difficult for Americans to imagine a common future or a common way of governing themselves or being governed” - pointed out Charles Kesler, Professor of Government at Claremont McKenna College and Claremont Graduate University, in a conversation with Stephen Sholl, Visiting Fellow of MCC and Lénárd Sándor, head of the Center for International Law at MCC as part of MCC’s Budapest Lectures.
9/27/23, 4:46 PM
Center for Constitutional Politics

Research seminar on constitutionalism with Martin Loughlin

9/27/23, 2:18 PM
Transcarpathian Public Leadership Program

“MCC is a community that has common roots, genuine values, and forward-looking plans”- Gergely Gulyás at MCC’s opening ceremony in Beregszász (Berehovo, Ukraine)

At Mathias Corvinus Collegium's opening ceremony of the academic year in Beregszász, Gergely Gulyás, Minister of the Prime Ministers' Office praised MCC for providing exceptional opportunities for gifted young people in Hungary and in the Carpathian Basin. Furthermore, he suggested MCC’s program could protect the next generation from aimless individualism by fostering a community that has common roots, genuine values, and forward-looking plans.
9/22/23, 11:02 AM
School of Economics

Paul Romer meets Students from MCC’s School of Economics

On September 18th, Balázs Szepesi, head of MCC’s School of Economics, moderated a unique and exciting discussion with the Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Romer.
9/20/23, 2:50 PM

The Pursuit of Beauty - An Academic Conference

In a unique philosophical conference, MCC students explored beauty as a force that shapes both community and character. The event was held at Cambridge University, the alma mater of Roger Scruton, in the prestigious Peterhouse College, the university's oldest building complex. Students explored the depths of aesthetics with renowned professors and international academics at the event, organized by the Sir Roger Scruton Legacy Foundation.
9/15/23, 1:23 PM

Richard Werner at MCC Debrecen: Economic Growth is Compatible with Climate Policy Goals

In a recent presentation in Debrecen, Richard Werner, an economics professor at the University of Winchester, stated that economic growth itself is not harmful to the environment, instead it is pollution and environmental damage that must be halted. He argued that economic growth does not always reflect actual growth. Rather, GDP and national income are mere statistical concepts that emerged 200-300 years ago, when actors of the financial sector tried to find indicators to assess the strength of an economy by compiling statistical data sets. Economic growth is necessary to create prosperity and to afford the cost of protecting the environment. It is a necessary condition. "The greater the economic growth is, the more resources we will have to protect the environment."
9/13/23, 12:38 PM
German-Hungarian Institute for European Cooperation

Event report: Beyond the Green Border – A Presentation and Panel Discussion with Boris Palmer

Boris Palmer, mayor of the university city of Tübingen, is one of the most well-known, most successful, and most controversial mayors in Germany. On September 5th, At the invitation of MCC’s Hungarian-German Institute for European Cooperation's, he gave a presentation titled "Beyond the Green Border" where he spoke about his views on federal politics, his work in local government, and Hungarian-German relations. The event was packed, with more than 100 people attended the event, held in Mathias Corvinus Collegium's Scruton Café. Additionally, over 75 individuals watched the presentation and the panel discussion online.
9/13/23, 9:32 AM
Climate Policy Institute

Nation States Going Green

Professor Bert De Vries has given a presentation about the key themes of sustainable development for nation states. The way in which the conversation about sustainability is changing differs from the previous decades widely.
9/11/23, 7:17 PM
Center for Constitutional Politics

ECPR General Conference in Prague

9/11/23, 2:29 PM
Center for European Studies

Excluded universities in the maze of EU funding

On September 6th, MCC’s Center for European Studies, in association with EuroAtlantic Consulting Zrt, hosted a symposium on the state of Hungarian universities and research institutions.
9/5/23, 2:12 PM
Learning Institute

EdTech Summit Hungary 2023 - Educational Technology Exhibition and Conference at MCC

Last Saturday, Mathias Corvinus Collegium hosted the 2023 EdTech Summit-Hungary. The conference, which included exciting presentations and exhibitions, was held on September 2nd at MCC's main campus. This conference brought together nearly 200 educators and around 150 eager participants from throughout Hungary to learn about the latest developments in the field of education and share their experiences.
9/1/23, 3:57 PM
Learning Institute, Guest Speaker

Effective communication and negotiation in the new world of work

On August 29th, MCC’s Learning Research Institute welcomed Orna Kopolovich, Head of the Center for Negotiation Management and Business Innovation at Holon Institute of Technology (HIT), to its Budapest campus. Besides her role at HIT, Kopolovich studied executive negotiation at Harvard and has been a senior trainer, mediator, and negotiation management researcher for several years.
8/25/23, 11:36 AM
MCC Feszt

Tucker Carlson: Hungary is a fantastic country because it sticks to its values

On the 22nd of August, Tucker Carlson, the United States’ leading political commentator, returned to Hungary for another visit. As part of the post festival event, MCC Feszt After, held at Budapest’s Millenáris Park, Tucker Carlson gave a rousing speech where he discussed common issues facing Hungary and the United States. Similar to last month’s MCC Feszt, the speech was preceded by panel discussions on important and topical issues.
8/16/23, 1:01 PM
Modul University Vienna

Apply for our Modul University Vienna Scholarship!

Once a year, Mathias Corvinus Collegium Foundation invites applications for the Modul University Vienna Scholarship, whereby MCC will provide the successful applicant with a scholarship to study a course at Modul University Vienna.
8/15/23, 11:30 AM
MCC Feszt

MCC Feszt After with Tucker Carlson

MCC Feszt After, organized jointly by Mathias Corvinus Collegium and Mandiner, will host Tucker Carlson, one of the world's most influential media personalities, on August 22 at Millenáris Park in Budapest. The event is free of charge and open to the public with Hungarian translation provided.
8/3/23, 4:36 PM
Center for Public Law, Migration Research Institute

Migration and its impact in the focus of the first jointly organized summer university by the European Public Law Organisation and the MCC

Just a week ago, the Athens-based EPLO Summer School (the European Public Law Organisation's annual summer school), which took place in the last week of July 2023, ended, offering students the opportunity to apply for courses on a range of topics, from migration to artificial intelligence.
7/30/23, 7:28 AM
MCC Feszt

MCC Feszt Becomes the Main Professional & Pop Music Festival in the Carpathian Basin

The third annual MCC Feszt was a huge success, with over 250 performers, more than 120 professional programs, and around 50 musical events and 100 exhibitors on the Edu Promenade.
7/23/23, 7:58 PM

MCC Welcomes its Newest Training Center

Located in the heart of the Transylvanian Carpathian Mountains, Veresszék will be the location of Mathias Corvinus Collegium’s latest training center. It will host various camps and professional training courses, build the local Hungarian community, strengthening their traditions and national unity. Recently, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán also visited the new training site where he met with MCC students from both Transylvania and Hungary.
7/10/23, 11:05 AM
University Program, Junior Training Program

Admission is Open for MCC’s Hallmark University Program - MCC Expands its Educational Outreach

In recent years, Mathias Corvinus Collegium's (MCC) free extracurricular education programs have become increasingly popular among young Hungarians. In particular, there is burgeoning interest in the University Program, with a record number of nearly 200 applicants in the first round of the program's admission procedure. Admissions, however, are still open to students who have just finished their secondary school studies. Six of our training centers, located in Budapest, Debrecen, Győr, Miskolc, Szeged, and Pécs, are still accepting the applications of students who want to join a highly professional, motivational, and cohesive community. The deadline for applications is July 30th for the Junior Program at MCC’s Budapest headquarters and August 10th for our regional centers.
7/5/23, 8:37 AM
MCC Plus

Mathias Corvinus Collegium expands its unique talent programs to an even wider public

The MCC Plus Program provides free training for students interested in MCC and wish to get involved in the activities at Mathias Corvinus Collegium without taking part in the education programs or using our dormitory service. This program encourages broader access to our unique talent development courses. Beginning in September 2022 with 45 students, the participants of MCC Plus have already become actively involved in professional programs and community building activities.
7/3/23, 1:55 PM
University Program, School of Law, Center for International Law

“The Law Is Not Only What We Have, It Is Rather Who We Are”

"The law is more than a set of rules, a series of institutions or thick codes. The law is part of our culture, it reflects our past, writes our present and projects our future" – Lénárd Sándor, Head of Center for International Law at MCC underlined during the first domestic event of the Barna Horváth Law and Liberty Circle. The research opportunities and programs provided by the organization are open to MCC students.
6/16/23, 4:40 PM
University Program

"Practicing virtues makes a people and their country successful."- Graduation Ceremony at MCC

At the graduation ceremony of Mathias Corvinus Collegium on Thursday, 124 of MCC’s University Program students received their diplomas. In recent years MCC has increased its outreach to more than 7,000 students, with 500 students in the University Program alone, and increased the number of training centers to 28. For recent graduates, however, this ceremony does not mark the end of their relationship with MCC as they can join a variety of postgraduate training programs and, thanks to MCC's international network, can even continue their studies in Vienna, Berlin or London.
6/16/23, 2:13 PM
MCC Feszt

The Former Chancellor of Austria and a Host of Stars Will Take the Stage at This Year’s MCC Feszt

Sebastian Kurz, Michael Knowles, and Vincent Harinam will deliver keynote speeches at this year's MCC Feszt in Esztergom. As with previous years, the events at MCC Feszt will be free with some exceptions.
6/14/23, 1:27 PM

Investing in the Future of Books - MCC Becomes Majority Owner of Libri Group

The subsidiary of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium Foundation has signed a contract with SQ Invest Kft. for the sale and purchase of a 67.48 percent stake in Libri Group. With this transaction, MCC will move from being an indirect minority shareholder to the 98.41% owner of one of the largest players in the Hungarian publishing market. Libri Group's management will largely remain unchanged.
6/9/23, 2:20 PM

Renowned Experts From Over 20 Countries Stress the Importance of Peace – The Second Day of the Mcc Budapest Peace Forum Comes to a Close

70 speakers, 35 foreign experts from more than 20 countries, two cabinet ministers and nearly 400 attendees addressed the issue of making peace in Ukraine at a large-scale international conference organized by Mathias Corvinus Collegium. The MCC Budapest Peace Forum has been a unique conference not only in Hungary but also at the international level. After the successful first day, the conference continued with further exciting panel discussions.
6/9/23, 1:46 PM

Immediate Peace is in the Interest of the Whole World - The MCC Budapest Peace Forum Launches

The MCC Budapest Peace Forum commenced with 70 speakers, including 35 foreign experts from more than 20 countries, and hundreds of interested attendees. Academics, public figures and renowned experts stressed the importance of peace and shed light on the main issues through sharing their scientific and expert opinions on the subject.
6/7/23, 11:34 AM
Budapest Lectures, Conferences

Budapest Lectures on Peaceful Conflict Resolution

On the eve of the MCC Budapest Peace Forum, the latest Budapest Lecture also focused on the possibilities of peace. How can diplomacy rebuild trust once it has been broken? This and many other intriguing questions were answered by George Beebe, Director of Grand Strategy at the Quincy Institute, and advisor to former US Vice President Dick Cheney, in conversation with Rajmund Kiss, Head of the MCC Center for Diplomacy.
6/7/23, 11:31 AM
School of International Relations

China Could Double Its Foreign Investments, Said János Csák at an MCC Conference

Mathias Corvinus Collegium’s international conference on the economic competition between the United States and China was kicked off with a keynote speech delivered by János Csák, Minister of Culture and Innovation. He declared that clear objectives, the ability to protect oneself, and the proper use of "soft power" are prerequisites for success in the global technological competition.
6/6/23, 9:51 AM
Center for Constitutional Politics, Social Sciences School of Social Sciences

The Issue of the Role of International Courts and Their Impartiality Is Unavoidable

In recent years, international courts and tribunals have increasingly ruled on contentious social or political issues that previously were considered under the authority of national governments. The rise of international courts and other international adjudicative bodies after the Second World War had a significant impact on politics at the national level as well. While many argue that this process strengthens the rule of law and leads to greater protection of human rights, others claim that it is detrimental to democracy. These issues are of particular relevance as, in recent years, the Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled against the Hungarian state in a number of cases. This development was one of the many topics discussed at the Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) conference on the role of international courts.
6/2/23, 7:36 AM
Leadership Academy

Determination, Personal Responsibility, and Courage – The Mathias Corvinus Collegium’s Conference on Leadership: Invent Your Own Way

“The Mathias Corvinus Collegium offers the most ambitious talent development program not only in Hungary but in all of Europe” said Balázs Orbán in his opening remarks at the international conference of the Leadership Academy on Wednesday. The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) reminded participants that in an era of crises, challenges cannot be addressed by a standard toolkit or approach. Instead, there is a need for dynamic leaders, who possess a good heart and the ability to go beyond the existing framework to create and make their own rules.
6/2/23, 7:25 AM
ESMT Berlin

A Unique Opportunity for Students That Will Also Deepen the Cooperation Between the Two Countries

The Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) and the European School of Management and Technology Berlin (ESMT Berlin) have officially signed a cooperation agreement that will allow more than 20 Hungarian students to study at Germany's top business school each year. In addition to the unique opportunities for students and researchers, this cooperation will also deepen the academic and economic relations between Germany and Hungary.
6/1/23, 1:24 PM
Budapest Fellowship Program

Discover Transylvania

Between 15 and 19 May, fellows of the Budapest Fellowship Program took part in a field trip to Transylvania.
5/22/23, 7:52 AM
Youth Talent Program, High School Program

Mathias Corvinus Collegium training courses to start in Kaposvár and Dunaszerdahely (Dunajská Streda, Slovakia)

Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) courses will be launched in Kaposvár and Dunaszerdahely in Slovakia. Applications are now open for primary and secondary school students for the programs starting in September. With the expansion, MCC will provide education for more than 7000 students in 28 locations.
5/22/23, 7:52 AM
Leadership Academy

What's Next for Leadership Training? – MCC Conference on Leadership

The Mathias Corvinus Collegium Leadership Academy is hosting a major international conference, packed with presentations and round-table discussions, on the current challenges, trends and new dimensions of leadership training, At the 31 May event, inspiring ideas from renowned experts and internationally acclaimed speakers will broaden the audience's understanding of leadership.
5/19/23, 10:46 AM
Lunch Talks

Banking Crises and Quantitative Easing: Shedding New Light on the US Federal Reserve Inflation Policy

Richard Werner was our guest at the latest event in our Lunch Talks series.
5/16/23, 11:56 AM
Election Nights, Migration Research Institute

Turkey in the Spotlight – MCC Election Night

On 14 May 2023, we held the next event in our highly successful Election Night series at the MCC. On Turkish Election Day, we took a look at Turkey with our invited speakers in two panel discussions.
5/12/23, 12:41 PM
School of Law, Center for International Law

International Criminal Law Came to Life in Sopron

The study weekend organized by the Center for International Law in the historic city of Sopron focused on the development and challenges of international criminal law, the problem of historical justice in Hungary as well as on timely geopolitical questions. Renowned Hungarian and foreign, theorists and practitioners participated in various panel discussions, MCC students could take part in an exciting debate contest and learn about internship opportunities. But there was also time for sightseeing and excursion.