11/22/22, 9:01 AM
School of Law, Center for International Law

“He Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune”

The rise of the neoliberal economic dogmas has created a situation in which countries around the world could easily become highly dependent on transnational business interests as well as on international financial institutions. If a country is exposed to these dogmas, it will be used against her – it was emphasized in an event organized in the MCC Regional Center of Debrecen where Lénárd Sándor, Head of Center for International Law at the MCC asked the world-renowned professor of international law, Muthucumaraswamy Sornarajah.
11/21/22, 9:50 AM
School of Law, Center for International Law

It Takes Vigilant States to Harness the Benefits of Globalization

The dominance of the “Washington Consensus” and neoliberal economic principles has reduced the ability of countries to act in defense of their own interests – it was pointed out in an event where a world-renowned professor of international law from National University of Singapore exchanged ideas with Hungarian experts.
11/18/22, 7:39 PM
School of Law, Conferences, Center for International Law

The “Silk Road” Is Not Only Our Cultural Heritage but Also One of Today’s Opportunities

The "Walking the Silk Road" international conference hosted by the Mathias Corvinus Collegium and co-organized by the European Chinese Arbitration Association and the Hungarian Arbitration Association has been a major success. Twenty speakers from nine different countries shared their insights on the future of EU-China economic and legal relations. The keynote address of the conference was delivered by the world-renown Professor of International Law, Muthucumaraswamy Sornarajah from the National University of Singapore.
11/17/22, 7:29 PM
Budapest Lectures, School of Law, Center for International Law

Central-Europe Shall Seek to Be a Bridge Between East and West

Following the Swedish model, Central Europe, and Hungary in particular, should strive to play a bridge-building role in settling disputes between East and West - Robin Oldenstam, Chair of the Board of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC) and Veronika Korom, Professor at ESSEC Business School and President of the Hungarian Arbitration Association pointed out during the MCC Budapest Lecture event in conversation with Lénárd Sándor, Head of the Center for International Law at the MCC.
11/16/22, 6:43 AM
School of Law, Center for International Law

Globalization Does Not Offer Equal Opportunities

In the course of the change of regime, the Central European countries uncritically accepted the neoliberal economic dogmas and rushed to join the globalizing world economy. However, in many cases, this has led to disappointment, because globalization does not offer equal opportunities – Professor M. Sornarajah the world-renowned international law professor at the National University of Singapore pointed out in a conversation with Lénárd Sándor, head of Center for International Law at the MCC in an event organized by the regional MCC Center of Győr.
11/15/22, 12:01 PM
Lunch Talks

The Legal Nature of Digital Assets

Our guest for the MCC Lunch Talks event was Attila Menyhárd, head of the Center for Modern Law, who spoke about the legal nature of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies and NFTs.
11/14/22, 7:35 AM
School of Law, Conferences

„Regulators also have the option to do nothing.” – Experts of Law and of Economics Spoke at Our Two-Day International Conference on Platform Regulation

The event venue of MCC Scruton housed the two-day international conference titled Essential State Functions in Platform Regulation, that came to life as a cooperative idea of more professional organizations. The conference focused on the challenges, the opportunities, and the necessity of the legal regulation of online platforms in light of what essential functions might states have in this domain. The question is especially important in light of the fact that in Europe, EU-law contains a multitude of rules to improve its global positions in the sector and these obviously affect those legal rules that the Member States enact to regulate the operation of platforms.
11/11/22, 2:28 PM
Brussels, School of Law, Center for International Law

Europe Will Have No Future if It Does Not Know How to Recognize Its Civilizational Roots

The Mathias Corvinus Collegium was also given a role in the international conference organized in Brussels on the relationship between national constitutional heritage and European integration. The Head of Center for International Law at MCC, Lénárd Sándor moderated the panel discussion on civilizational heritage and a student of MCC, Lili Póka spoke at the panel discussion about the role of national constitutional heritage.
11/9/22, 1:20 PM
Center for Next Technological Futures

Do not fall in love with the solution, fall in love with the problem!

The students of the Center for Next Technological Futures have mastered this mindset during their study tour in Israel.
11/9/22, 12:30 PM
Election Nights

The US Has the World’s Attention and That of MCC Too

The outcome of the so-called mid-term elections in the United States could also have an impact on the Russian-Ukrainian war and Hungarian-American relations, as was said at a joint election evening of Mathias Corvinus Collegium and the Center for Fundamental Rights, where renowned foreign experts shared their thoughts.
11/8/22, 12:22 PM
Lunch Talks

To Be or Not to Be (Diagnosed With ADHD): This Is Not the (Right) Question

This time, within the framework of MCC Lunch Talks, the floor has been given to Nóra Bunford, head of MCC-Mindset, Psychology School and head of the newly established Center for Academic Psychology.
11/7/22, 12:55 PM
Election Nights

Elections in Izrael: Likud Party Leader Benjamin Netanyahu to Return as Prime Minister

The third MCC Election Night event of the semester was held, in an unusual way, on the day after the Israeli elections, where we evoked the exotic atmosphere of Israel and analyzed with experts the future prospects of the Middle Eastern start-up country in the context of the new government. In addition to trying the delicacies of Israeli cuisine, the participants could also try their hand at various games, with the support of the Israeli Cultural Institute. Those interested in martial arts and self-defense could learn more about krav maga, a street fighting technique developed by the Israeli army.
11/4/22, 10:14 AM

„The Common Good” – The Head of Our Public Law Center Moderated a Conference Discussion Organized at Harvard Law School

As part of a longer trip to the United States, following visits to law schools in Washington DC, the head of the MCC Public Law Center participated at a conference on 29 October 2022, organized at Harvard Law School (HLS). HLS houses a Chapter of the famous, conservative US constitutional law organization, the Federalist Society. They requested Prof. Lee Strang (University of Toledo, College of Law, MCC visiting fellow in 2021) to organize the conference, who extended an invitation to our colleague to participate. The event was co-organized by the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy.
11/4/22, 8:41 AM

Oxford Sir Roger Scruton Memorial Lectures Visit

This October with a group of students and colleagues from MCC have visited Oxford on the special occasion of the Sir Roger Scruton Memorial Lectures.
11/2/22, 6:46 AM

New Forum Launched to Shake Up European Debate and Discussion

The inaugural event from the new centre will ask; “Where is Europe going in an age of global disorder?”
11/2/22, 5:33 AM
Our Students Wrote

Green Hydrogen: Potential Cooperation Between Turkey and the European Union

In a world that goes from one global energy crisis to another, there is a call to accelerate the energy transition from natural gas towards renewable sources. One of the most promising sources of carbon-free energy is green hydrogen.
10/28/22, 2:33 PM
Budapest Fellowship Program, Visiting Fellowship Program

Discover Hungary: Mátra and Recsk

On 20 October, participants of the Budapest Fellowship Program and the Visiting Fellowship Program took part in a study trip to the Mátra Mountains.
10/27/22, 2:31 PM
Center for International Law

Europe should be united to call for a ceasefire agreement

Europe should be united to call for a ceasefire agreement and peace negotiations – Professor Norman Naimark pointed out in a conversation organized by the Szekszárd Regional Center of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium. Professor Naimark, who serves as the Robert and Florence McDonnell Professor of Stanford University, as head of the department of Eastern European history and the senior fellow of the Hoover Institution along with the Freeman Spogli Institute of International Studies and Lénárd Sándor, Head of Center for International Law discussed the geopolitical challenges of East-Central Europe and the importance of sovereignty in this region.
10/26/22, 1:54 PM
Center for International Law

Genocide: The Dark Side of Human History

The history of genocide is as old as the human history, and although its characters have changed over time, it has occurred in every era and everywhere around world – was pointed out in a panel discussion organized by the Pécs Center of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium on 24 October.
10/21/22, 8:00 AM
Budapest Lectures, School of Law, Center for International Law

The Struggle for Sovereignty Is Not Over - Presentation by Norman Naimark

The struggle for national sovereignty is far from being over in Central and Eastern Europe – Professor Norman Naimark emphasized at the newest installment of the Budapest Lectures event series of the MCC on October 20. Professor Naimark, who serves as the Robert and Florence McDonnell Professor of Stanford University, as head of the department of Eastern European history and the senior fellow of the Hoover Institution along with the Freeman Spogli Institute of International Studies, pointed out that we must constantly endeavor to defend our identities, achievements and goals. The lecture was followed by a conversation moderated by Lénárd Sándor, Head of the Center for International Law at the MCC.
10/20/22, 1:26 PM
School of Law, Center for International Law

Is a New Iron Curtain About to Be Erected?

What is the historical, geopolitical, and international legal background of the Russian-Ukrainian war? Who are the major players? What are their motivations? What is the stake and the way out of this conflict? A renowned professor of history from Stanford University exchanged ideas with Hungarian experts.
10/19/22, 9:00 AM
School of Media, StoryLab

Learn From the World’s Number One Storytelling Guru

Robert McKee will be in Hungary between 16 and 18 November, at the invitation of Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC). Hollywood's most sought-after screenwriting instructor will deliver a three-day masterclass called STORY Seminar for students and interested attendees. The seminar, which started some four decades ago, have been running with huge success from Los Angeles through Sao Paulo to Sydney. At the invitation of the newly launched MCC Story Lab led by the screenwriter Norbert Köbli, the American expert will introduce students to the craft and behind-the-scenes secrets of filmmaking, now in Budapest.
10/18/22, 3:03 PM
Budapest Lectures

The Former President of Colombia Visited MCC as a Guest Lecturer

What is the advance of the prospects of right-wing in Europe and Latin America? This was the topic of the latest MCC Budapest Lectures organized by Mathias Corvinus Collegium. The guest lecturer of the event was Andrés Pastrana Arango, former president of Colombia.
10/11/22, 2:06 PM

A Delegation From the Iberosphere Visited the MCC

A delegation from the Iberosphere visited the MCC to gain insight into the teaching and research activities of the institution.
10/10/22, 11:34 AM
School of Law, Fall Academy

What is at Stake Here is the Future of Europe

The three days long Fall Academy organized by the MCC Law School in Gárdony ended with great success. The theme of the weekend was the future and destiny of Europe, as well as the effects of the armed conflict in the neighboring Ukraine. Renowned Hungarian law professors and a distinguished American constitutional scholar shared their thoughts on these questions. This was followed by interactive group contests among the students. With the goal to establish a tradition, the instructive student competitions addressed key issues of the European integration.
10/10/22, 8:56 AM
School of Law, Center for International Law

Safeguarding Values and Virtues Overseas and in Europe

On both sides of the Atlantic, there are growing movements that question the heritage, culture, memories, identity and traditions of Western societies. The lecture in Zalaegerszeg about the American vs. European way of life investigated this phenomenon while explored the values and virtues that form the basis of American society and European nations.
10/7/22, 7:53 AM
School of Law, Publishing, Center for International Law

Lessons From a Constitutional Journey

What contemporary constitutional challenges does the United States of America face? What are the dangers of the burgeoning bureaucracy called "administrative state"? How does the increased role of the federal judiciary distort democratic decision-making? What are the constitutional dilemmas that digital platforms raise? What parallels can be seen between the United States and Europe? These questions were addressed in a discussion co-organized by the Institute of American Studies of the University of Public Service and the Mathias Corvinus Collegium on the occasion of the publication of the interview book titled Constitutional Journey in the United States.
10/6/22, 1:35 PM
Ambassador Talks

"Hungarians are true to their word, no matter how circumstances change."

H.E. Tahir Taghi-Zadeh, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Hungary paid a visit to Mathias Corvinus Collegium.
10/6/22, 8:11 AM
Conferences, MCC Budapest Summit

We are facing major challenges; peace could be the solution - the MCC Budapest Summit has closed

Europe and Hungary are facing major challenges and hardships, and radical changes will be needed to tackle the economic problems caused by war and sanctions, according to the two-day conference organized by Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC). Twenty international and 15 domestic speakers and experts from 10 countries shared their insights at the 4th MCC Budapest Summit between 30 September and 1 October. They all agreed that, although the crisis seems to be deepening, peace can bring tangible improvements in the economy and financial markets. The conference was attended by nearly 800 participants.
10/6/22, 8:08 AM
Conferences, MCC Budapest Summit

It was history that decided the theme of the conference — the economic impact of the war — at the MCC Budapest Summit

Several Hungarian and 20 foreign experts sought answers to today's most pressing economic problems at the MCC Budapest Summit international conference on Friday. The economic impact of the war was discussed by the participants, who came to the Mathias Corvinus Collegium from 10 different countries. The event attracted nearly 600 attendees.
10/5/22, 12:36 PM
Lunch Talks

How to Run a Successful Social Media Profile

At Monday's Lunch Talks, Dr. Szabolcs Nagypál discussed the role and present of social media with MCC Visiting Fellow Dr. Peter Boghossian, moderated by Kinga Popovics.
10/5/22, 8:59 AM
Election Nights

The Election Night Series Continues With a Full House

In an authentic Brazilian atmosphere, the MCC Election Night series continued in Brazil, with a full house and more than 200 students participating at the event.
10/4/22, 12:34 PM
Budapest Lectures, Center for International Law

Conservative Paradigm Shift in Constitutional Interpretation

After decades-long progressive dominance, conservative “originalism” has emerged and become the controlling method of constitutional interpretation in America. This paradigm shift manifests itself in high-profile rulings in cases like abortion, the role of religion in public life or the administrative state dilemma. The "First Monday in October" Budapest Lectures provided insights into the distortions of the American democratic system, the various reform proposals of the Supreme Court and the judicial politics of Presidents. The conversation also shed light on the overseas constitutional debates through fascinating anecdotes.
10/1/22, 10:40 AM
Our Students Wrote, Conferences

ETSN Youth Summit

The first time I heard about the ETSN Youth Summit, what immediately appealed to me about the program was the one-of-a-kind opportunity to spend 4 days in the Netherlands with such a busy and varied conference schedule that allows full immersion into open-minded talent development and innovative educational programs.
9/30/22, 1:32 PM
Budapest Lectures, MCC Budapest Summit

Will the War Kill the Euro?

The war in our neighboring country has turned the financial world upside down. As a result, the foreign exchange market developments became today’s dominant issue. The dollar has been strengthening spectacularly, recently reaching a 20-year high, while the euro has hit an all-time low. During MCC Budapest Lectures on "Will the war kill the euro?", the participants found out which currencies could be affected by a possible currency crisis and how the future of the eurozone could develop. In addition, an interesting discourse was held on the arguments for and against leaving the euro area. It was the opening event of MCC Budapest Summit ont he Economic Consequences of the War, which was a two-day long international conference.
9/29/22, 8:25 AM
Budapest Fellowship Program

Discover Hungary: Tokaj

The participants of this year's Budapest Fellowship Program visited the Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region on 22-23 September. In addition to Bodrogkeresztúr, Sárospatak and Mád, the researchers also visited Hercegkút to gain insights into the Swabian culture, the history of the settlement and the wider Swabian community, and their relationship to the Catholic faith.
9/27/22, 1:20 PM
Election Nights

MCC Election Night: Italy

In a landmark election for European politics, the people of the southern European 'boot' elected their new leaders in a parliamentary vote in Italy at the weekend. To mark the occasion, Mathias Corvinus Collegium organized another Election Night.
9/26/22, 8:28 AM
School of Law, Center for International Law

Where East Meets West: Study Trip to Stockholm

Students at the Law School of MCC took part in a study trip to Stockholm organized by the Center for International Law of MCC. The goal of the study trip was to give insights into the unique atmosphere of the international dispute resolution of the prestigious Stockholm Arbitration Institute that has played a historic role in settling disputes between the Soviet Union and its successor states on the one hand and the Western states including the United States of America on the other. The study trip was especially timely as the Ukrainian conflict as well as the sanctions policy of the European Union could endanger this “bridge” function of the Stockholm and, in a broader sense, the European arbitration between East and West. The students could learn about these questions by visiting the relevant institutions, by participating in presentations of university professors, experts of this field, and lead attorneys as well as by engaging in open conversations with them.
9/22/22, 1:30 PM
Lunch Talks

The State of Digital Economy in the 21st Century

As a guest of our MCC Lunch Talks event series, Dr. Zoltán Ács, guest lecturer of the MCC Visiting Fellowship Program, gave a lecture on the state of the digital economy in the 21st century.
9/22/22, 12:58 PM
Ambassador Talks

We are not as different as we think!

We tend to think that there are such huge differences between Swedes and Hungarians, but this is not the case, the physical distance between the two countries is not that great.