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On 1 March, the German-Hungarian Institute at MCC hosted Her Excellency Julia Gross, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany. As part of the "Ambassador Talk" series of events, Ambassador Gross gave an account of her work and an insight into her personal career path from graduation to her arrival in Budapest in September 2022. The event was attended by more than 100 MCC students. After a welcome address by Bence Bauer, Director of the institute, Ms. Gross gave an introductory presentation on the current political situation affecting both countries and European cooperation. Ambassador Gross described the international situation as a turning point in history. We are at a turning point, unity in the EU is the key to successful action. But unity should not be confused with uniformity.

The Ambassador's speech covered the war in Ukraine and the transformation of relations with Russia, the role of NATO, the strength and tasks of the European Union, the transition to renewable energies, defense investments, the modernization of the army, Hungary's position regarding the Russian-Ukrainian war, German foreign policy, and Hungarian-German bilateral relations.

The presentation was followed by a panel discussion moderated by Tünde Darkó, Project Coordinator of the Hungarian-German Institute. In addition to the personal milestones of her professional career, the Ambassador also talked about Germany's new feminist foreign policy guidelines, the theoretical principles of German foreign policy and diplomacy, the tools and strengths of German diplomacy, and key issues in EU diplomacy.

After the panel discussion, the audience had the opportunity to ask questions. With no less than 25 questions, a very lively debate ensued, in which the students participated with great enthusiasm.