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Mathias Corvinus Collegium students will now have the opportunity to take part in academic, literary, and public life programs at the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford, under a cooperation agreement with The Roger Scruton Legacy Foundation (RSFL). The document has been signed in Budapest by Zoltán Szalai, Director General of MCC, and Sophie Scruton, Director of Horsells Farm Enterprises, the widow of Sir Roger Scruton, the world-famous conservative philosopher, in Budapest.

MCC is constantly expanding the range of scholarship and program opportunities available to its students abroad. Last year, these scholarships gave around 300 MCC students the opportunity to study at some of the world's top universities and to go on study trips abroad to Washington, Cape Town, Strasbourg, Warsaw, Madrid, and Istanbul. Its international scholarship scheme allows students not only to study at some of the world's most prestigious universities but also to take part in training courses, conferences, and short or longer-term study and research programs. The recently opened MCC Brussels center provides young people with an opportunity to get insight into the EU institutions and decision-making processes, among other things.

The agreement with the Roger Scruton Foundation will further expand the range of opportunities: in the future, students of the talent center will be able to participate regularly in all the programs organized by the Roger Scruton Foundation, mainly at two prestigious higher education institutions in the UK, Cambridge, and Oxford. The collaboration will also include the translation of the best-selling books of the recently deceased philosopher Sir Roger Scruton into Eastern European languages, including Hungarian, and the launch of a European essay competition for youth. The agreement will also help to make Roger Scruton's books available in more higher education, educational and cultural institutions across Europe. The two organizations are also working together to organize more academic symposia and lectures at Cambridge University and an international student seminar at Oxford University.

Sir Roger Scruton's oeuvre is a faithful reflection of the conservative values and thinking that Mathias Corvinus Collegium also embraces. MCC regularly organizes events and conferences in its community space named after Scruton, in order to pass on this spirit to the next generation. MCC Press has already published several books by the world-renowned philosopher in Hungarian, and the agreement is expected to expand this collection further.