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Power has never been so concealed as it is today, said Miša Đurković, Director of the Institute for European Studies in Belgrade, at the latest event in the Budapest Lectures series.

The expert from Serbia gave a presentation on the so-called "dark corridors of power" (secret societies, secret services or organized crime circles) and also addressed the question of whether it is possible to deal with such opaque power systems in a scientific way. The presentation touched on many of today's issues, including obesity, the formation of nations, the role of foundations in the 21st century, color revolutions and digitalization.

Power has never been so concealed as it is nowadays, said Miša Đurković in his presentation. The expert described in detail the main characteristics of secret societies, in particular those of organized crime. As an interesting observation, he also mentioned that organized crime was a feature of all societies in the world, regardless of political affiliation, including even the most brutal period of the Soviet Union. Finally, Miša Đurković also said that, in his opinion, obesity is not only a public health problem but also a political one.