1/13/21, 1:24 PM
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There is no country where there is more talent than in Hungary, but there is also no country where it is more difficult for a talent to develop to its full potential than in Hungary.
1/7/21, 3:22 PM
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Balázs Orbán: each country must find its own recipe for success

It is a national strategic enterprise for Hungary to have a leading intellectual, economic, cultural and political elite that can stand its ground in the face of increasing international competition in a few decades' time - said Balázs Orbán, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Mathias Corvinus Collegium, on the show "Aréna" on InfoRadio. According to the Deputy Minister of the Prime Minister's Office, the MCC’s talent development network in the Carpathian Basin is unlike any other in the world; this model is similar to the former Eötvös Collegium system.
1/2/21, 3:04 PM
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Find out what Mathias Corvinus Collegium will look like in 5 years' time - interview with Deputy Director General Péter Lanczi

From next autumn, Mathias Corvinus Collegium will certainly be available in 17 locations - we talked to Péter Lanczi, Deputy Director General of Mathias Corvinus Collegium.
12/7/20, 1:54 PM
Youth Talent Programme

Being environmentally conscious everyday

12/5/20, 1:51 PM
Secondary School Programme

Traditions without borders

12/3/20, 4:02 PM

The Ethics of War Journalism

12/2/20, 1:45 PM
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We organized the first MCC Autumn Academy

11/26/20, 2:57 PM

Book recommendation: Finis Germania

11/23/20, 9:58 AM
Leadership Programme

What is the future of the European Union?

11/19/20, 12:46 PM
Climate Policy Institute

Smog alarm: our common invisible enemy is air pollution

11/19/20, 12:37 PM
Leadership Programme

Coaching and leadership dilemmas

11/14/20, 10:48 AM
Secondary School Programme

Data & US

11/12/20, 11:01 AM

Religion, sexuality, soul

11/10/20, 10:42 AM
International Relations School

Security policy issues inside and outside the Hungarian border

11/9/20, 3:13 PM
Leadership Programme

What makes a successful start-up?

11/6/20, 3:19 PM
Budapest Lectures

City of fortune: How Venice Ruled the Seas

11/6/20, 2:40 PM
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Conservative elite training to resume

11/5/20, 2:34 PM
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Top-notch talent management

11/4/20, 2:14 PM
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Election Night

11/3/20, 1:57 PM
International Relations School

The backstage of Europe

10/30/20, 12:46 PM
Roma Talent Programme

Roma heroes in the '56 Revolution

10/29/20, 12:57 PM
Postgraduate Programmes

MCC educates debate trainers