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Torockó, Romania was crowded, not just with MCC students, but with Minister Csaba Lantos, Professor János Száz, Associate Professor Jácint Juhász, Konrád Rés, originator and director of Vibe Festival.

The last weekend of September, about 90 MCC students gathered at the foot of the Székelykő-mountain in Torockó. MCC, economics, and the joy of being together brought together the first merged training event of the School of Economics in Transylvania, with students from every MCC schools. The MCC team was joined by researchers and master's students from Babes Bolyai University, making it a truly Carpathian learning and networking event.

Professor János Száz and Associate Professor Jácint Juhász prepared the curriculum for the event which engaged students with option pricing and portfolio choice strategies simulations. Hard work was followed by play, and in the evening, students participated in a wine tasting, where Hungarian and Transylvanian varietal wines were tasted side by side.

Saturday morning, students were introduced to the geopolitical, industrial, and regulatory aspects of the energy sector by Minister Csaba Lantos, Hungary’s minister for energy. During the two-hour presentation questions ranged from mini nuclear power plants to dams, from battery plants to the Paks project. The Minister spent the entire day with MCC students and even participated in a hike later in the day still answering students’ questions throughout the 5-hour hike.

In the framework of the Business Session, "we made the festival" with Konrád Rés, the originator and driving force behind the Vibe Festival The idea of this kind of business meetings came at this year's Vibe Festival, based on the assumption that the most effective way for students to understand how businesses are launched and face growth challenges is by giving them an opportunity to have closer look at businesses that are linked to MCC through the people involved, and are led by young people for young people The meeting with Konrád Rés was the first, and a very successful event of this series.

On Sunday, students visited Bethlen Gábor College in Nagyenyed, an iconic educational institution in Transylvania. Ildikó Szőcs, director of the College, talked with great enthusiasm about famous Hungarian students like Sándor Kőrösi Csoma who participated in Rákóczi's War of Independence at the beginning of the 18th century and showed students the special collections of their library and museum. The student also got an insight into the difficulties of the current Hungarian education system in Transylvania.