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At the graduation ceremony of Mathias Corvinus Collegium on Thursday, 124 of MCC’s University Program students received their diplomas. In recent years MCC has increased its outreach to more than 7,000 students, with 500 students in the University Program alone, and increased the number of training centers to 28. For recent graduates, however, this ceremony does not mark the end of their relationship with MCC as they can join a variety of postgraduate training programs and, thanks to MCC's international network, can even continue their studies in Vienna, Berlin or London.

As Balázs Orbán, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, said in his welcome address, MCC is a school whose graduates understand the world and love their country. He also reminded the audience of the objectives of the institution, which is summed up in the epigram "Bonus intra melior exi - enter as a good man, leave as a better one".

Addressing the students, the astrophysicist Szabolcs Márka highlighted that, in science, it is only the discovery of the new that drives one forward. The world-renowned researcher of gravitational waves added that at MCC and in Hungary, young Hungarians are given the best opportunities to discover the new and overcome the impossible.

Zoltán Szalai, Director General of MCC, gave some insight into the international networking of the institution. He pointed out that in this year alone, MCC organized nearly 400 international events, with over 300 international speakers, and more than 100 students were awarded scholarships. Furthermore, the director stressed, in addition to MCC Brussels, the collegium now offers professional and academic opportunities in Berlin, Vienna, and the UK as well.

Balázs Gulyás, President of the Eötvös Loránd Research Network, encouraged students to develop themselves by looking for challenges in life and find solutions, all while taking a leadership role. Quoting St. Stephen of Hungary, he reminded the students that "The degree of virtues makes the royal crown complete" and that “practicing virtues makes a people and their country successful.”

The Hungarian writer, style consultant, and fashion expert, Miklós Schiffer noted the cultivation of classical values and discipline were essential for success and prosperity. He concluded his speech by emphasizing civic attitude as a common guiding principle that helps us find our way in life.

For those interested in joining MCC’s popular training programs, the admission procedure for the first year of the Junior Program is underway and the application is open for all recent high school graduates.