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“The Mathias Corvinus Collegium offers the most ambitious talent development program not only in Hungary but in all of Europe” said Balázs Orbán in his opening remarks at the international conference of the Leadership Academy on Wednesday. The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) reminded participants that in an era of crises, challenges cannot be addressed by a standard toolkit or approach. Instead, there is a need for dynamic leaders, who possess a good heart and the ability to go beyond the existing framework to create and make their own rules.

On May 31st, the MCC Leadership Academy hosted a major international conference, packed with presentations and round-table discussions, on the current challenges, trends, and new dimensions of leadership training. At the event, inspiring reflections from renowned experts and internationally acclaimed speakers broadened the audience's understanding of leadership.  In his opening speech, Balázs Orbán stressed that the essence of leadership talent lies in personal courage and ability which is always coupled with making decisions in the interest of the community. Moreover, he insisted, a good and responsible leader does not put freedom at risk, but rather guarantees it.

Furthermore, he explained that in today’s era of crises, a crisis is the key moment to choose the right path in difficult situations. In his view, the most decisive question during a crisis is who makes the decisions. He added that challenges cannot be addressed in a static or standardized way, especially when they come in the form of crises. Therefore, when in dilemmas, we need good leaders, people who can look beyond the existing framework, and can create new rules to replace the outdated ones. When crisis strikes, it is determination, personal responsibility, and courage that are the most useful traits to possess. Taking responsibility for our nation or for the company entrusted to us, added Balázs Orbán, requires people with ability and leadership. As he pointed out, a leader's greatness lies in his or her awareness of the values and interests of their community, city, nation, or company, and ability to "translate them into the language of action". The Chairman stressed that the combination of courage, ability and commitment to the community is the "greatest treasure" and that "A leader with these qualities, not only doesn’t put freedom at risk, but instead guarantees it, because human freedom lies precisely in what characterizes a good leader: the ability to oversee processes and to override the automatisms that surround us.”

According to him, personal responsibility and freedom often gets lost in the cogs of automated systems.

"Without good leaders, freedom cannot exist - and the Western world lacks good leaders - because freedom and responsible leadership are known to go hand in hand.” -  Balázs Orbán

Leaders Who Build a World

“Education at MCC offers an unparalleled opportunity for those who seek to develop and lay the foundations for a successful leadership career.” - Péter Túri

 In his presentation, the Director of the Leadership Academy argued that the fruits of MCC’s training program will be seen in the "able Hungarian leaders of the future" who will continue to build their country and, through international networking, the world. He believes that talented people need to be prepared to make decisions for the benefit of their communities.

A Good Leader Creates Connections

“A good leader steps in when there is chaos, as we tend to take harmony for granted” - Itay Talgam

At the beginning of his exciting presentation, the world-renowned conductor, and creator of the Maestro Leadership Program, described the characteristics of an effective leader through the examples of conductors. According to him, the key to excellent leadership is the ability to create a dialogue and through that a connection between the musicians and the conductor, the employees and the manager.

Experience is a Great Help to Become a Good Leader.

"It takes a lot of courage to make these decisions even by putting your own career at risk." - Dénes Kemény

In his presentation, the former head coach of the Hungarian national water polo team highlighted the importance of experience in leadership. According to him, it is through both good and bad decisions that we gain the experience needed to become a good leader. He explained that even athletes who reach the highest professional levels, including Olympic champions, still must improve. According to the former head coach, authority also plays an important role and is achieved when the leader does his job with honesty and humility.

Panel discussions with renowned experts from home and abroad

In the conference’s panel discussions, leading professionals, from Hungary and abroad, explored the most topical issues, dilemmas, and trends in leadership and leadership training, good leadership qualities, strategic thinking, and talent management. Renowned speakers and prominent business leaders shared their thoughts at the event, including Konstantin Korotov, Professor at ESMT Berlin, Veronika Špaňárová, Managing Director and Citi Country Officer for Hungary, and Bálint Lévai, CEO of BiotechUSA.