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The MCC Plus Program provides free training for students interested in MCC and wish to get involved in the activities at Mathias Corvinus Collegium without taking part in the education programs or using our dormitory service. This program encourages broader access to our unique talent development courses. Beginning in September 2022 with 45 students, the participants of MCC Plus have already become actively involved in professional programs and community building activities.

MCC also intends to make its courses available to talented students who, due to academic and other commitments, cannot use our residence hall but have excelled in the admissions process.

Students in the MCC Plus Program not only have the opportunity to attend all events and training courses held by the academic staff of the institution, but they can also meet some of the foreign experts MCC brings to Hungary, such as Jeffrey Sachs, Vincent Harinam, Kevin Roberts, or Adrian Vermeule. After several years of outstanding performance, students may acquire an MCC diploma. Through MCC's international networking, study trips abroad or possibilities of studies in Vienna, Berlin and Oxford are also available for them.

In the first year of MCC’s Junior Program, MCC attracted scores of bright and interested University students who, through the program, improved their language skills thanks to the MCC’s language courses. Due to this great interest in the program, MCC will expand and develop the educational packages and program elements available to these students and increase the size of students participating in the Junior Program. This academic year alone, MCC has organized more than 200 events, totaling over 1,500 attendees.

As the leading educational institute in the Carpathian Basin, Mathias Corvinus Collegium offers free educational courses to more than 7000 students in 28 locations. Within a few years, the institution aims to provide its programs to around 10,000 students in 35 Hungarian settlements across the Carpathian Basin.