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Just a week ago, the Athens-based EPLO Summer School (the European Public Law Organisation's annual summer school), which took place in the last week of July 2023, ended, offering students the opportunity to apply for courses on a range of topics, from migration to artificial intelligence.

This year, the MCC has joined this long-standing initiative as co-organizer under a cooperation agreement between the two organizations. Lénárd Sándor, head of the MCC's International Law Center, and several staff members of the Migration Research Institute were among the international teaching staff of the EPLO MIGSS Migration Summer School. For a week, the students were given lectures on a wide range of legal, cultural and social aspects of migration, discussed by a variety of professionals.  

As part of the Summer University program, the lecturers and students also participated in a joint visit to the Greek Ministry of Migration and Asylum, as well as in various field exercises, where they were able to learn about the concrete burden of migration on Greece.

EPLO will host the annual meeting of its Board of Directors in September, where MCC will be represented by Márton Sulyok, Head of the Public Law Center, who will discuss the possibilities for further cooperation with the leadership of the organization. In addition to the summer universities, EPLO hosts MCC students for internships in several Greek and European locations from Italy to Portugal in the coming year as well.