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The Mathias Corvinus Collegium Leadership Academy is hosting a major international conference, packed with presentations and round-table discussions, on the current challenges, trends and new dimensions of leadership training, At the 31 May event, inspiring ideas from renowned experts and internationally acclaimed speakers will broaden the audience's understanding of leadership.

Constant change is one of the biggest challenges of the modern, fast-paced world. A 21st century leader must have a wide range of management and decision-making tools at his or her disposal to thrive. As an institution offering a unique program in leadership training, the MCC Leadership Academy is committed to helping professionals and other interested parties to learn about leadership through the presentation and discussion of new ways and directions. The May event of the Leadership Academy will feature presentations and panel discussions with the best experts from home and abroad on the most topical issues, dilemmas and trends in leadership and leadership training, as well as on natural-born and trained leaders, strategic thinking and talent management. Renowned Hungarian and foreign speakers and businessmen will share their thoughts at the event, such as Konstantin Korotov, Professor at ESMT Berlin, Mark Khater, Head of the Center for Strategy and Performance at the University of Cambridge, Gladden Pappin, Head of the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Gábor Orbán, CEO of NyrtPlc Nyrt, and Bálint Lévai, CEO of BiotechUSA.

The first opening lecture will be delivered by the Israeli conductor and business consultant Itay Talgam, who is also the founder of the Maestro Leadership Program. The internationally acclaimed conductor has worked with famous orchestras and ensembles worldwide, including the Orchestre de Paris, the St Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, and he also performed at the Leipzig Opera. In his book, published a few years ago, he explores the subtle yet important differences in leadership styles through an analysis of the sharply different working methods of six world-famous conductors. In the second opening keynote, Dénes Kemény, former water polo player and trainer and president of the three-time Olympic champion Hungary men's water polo team will share his inspiring thoughts on the unique aspects of leadership in sport, responsibility, decision-making, motivation, and the vital role of development.

The MCC Leadership Academy, the organizer of the event, will also contribute to the conference by presenting its unique approach to talent promotion that is integrated into its leadership training program. "Are leaders born or made? Born to lead or destined to learn? Train your own or "hire" leaders?  The conference aims to provide answers, or at least new interpretations, to the above questions and to broaden the leadership perspective of professionals and interested parties -said Péter Túri, Director of the MCC Leadership Academy.

The Leadership Academy is the final and closing element of Mathias Corvinus Collegium's training portfolio, providing selected young graduates embarking on their careers with a unique, free complex training and preparation for more challenging tasks, which is not available elsewhere. The courses provided form an elite training program, with which we aim to make a significant contribution to the supply of quality leaders in Hungary. The intensive course does not follow the logic of conventional leadership training programs. It seeks to build knowledge and personality by combining a variety of training methods, while focusing on practice and experiential learning throughout.

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