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The current malaise of European and Western thinking is the lack of intellectual humility one must owe to its own civilizational heritage – Lénárd Sándor emphasized on an international conference of the International Law and Liberty Society in Nointel, France whereby he was entrusted by the International Law and Liberty Society to found and operate the Law and Liberty Circle in Hungary.

The International Law and Liberty Society (“ILLS”) organized an international conference in Nointel, France. Founded in 2022 and inspired by, and in solidarity with, the Federalist Society, the ILLS consists of an international network of lawyer and law student groups. The conference provided a venue for the various national Law and Liberty Circles to present their past achievements and their future missions. Lénárd Sándor first pointed out that law and liberty are a natural fit for Hungary since liberty and the ability to live freely only existed in Hungary when an independent constitutional order was in place. Therefore, the historical lesson of Hungary is that one cannot exist without the other. The Hungary Law and Liberty Circle, which is an independent association and its law student group hosted by the Rector’s Office of the Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary, will be named after Barna Horváth in memory of the life of the great Hungarian jurist and philosopher who fled from Soviet-Communism to the United States. By choosing his name, the Hungary Law and Liberty Circle wish to pay respect to the United States which provided a second home for many Hungarians who had to flee from the horrors of the 20th century. Beyond the generally established ILLS mission, Lénárd Sándor emphasized that one of the key challenges of our time is to transmit our constitutional and legal culture since the current malaise of European thinking is the lack of intellectual humility one must owe to its own civilizational heritage. At the end of the conference, the national representatives of the Law and Liberty Circles agree to promote and uphold, the ILLS Statement of Mission and Principles.