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Between 15 and 19 May, fellows of the Budapest Fellowship Program took part in a field trip to Transylvania.

During the 5-day trip, the fellows visited Târgu Mures, where historian Attila Kálmán introduced them to the city and its Hungarian aspects. They then travelled to Cluj-Napoca, where they visited its historic city center, including the birthplace of King Matthias and the Catholic Church of St Michael. Later that week they visited Sighisoara, Torocko and Torda. The program ended in Oradea, where philosopher Zuh Deodáth introduced them to the city and its history, including a visit to Oradea Castle and an educational walk through the city center.

The Hungary Foundation (HF) and Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) launched the Budapest Fellowship Program in 2020, which provides a unique opportunity for American professionals to get to know Hungary and Central Europe better. During the 10-month program, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the Hungarian language, culture and history, which is essential for a realistic and objective presentation of our country