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The recently held lecture of MCC’s Budapest Lectures series discussed the fascinating topic of classical architecture and its potential revival. The lecture featured the architect Conor Lynch and was moderated by Stephen Sholl, Head of the MCC International Communications Group.

Today, students of architecture have fewer opportunities to get acquainted with classical architecture in universities. They lack knowledge about it and, consequently, it is not included in their practice either. The guest speaker of the event, Conor Lynch had personal experience of this phenomenon: his university did not permit him to design buildings in the classical tradition, so to study the work of the masters of the past, he went to an architectural archive in Dublin, Ireland and studied on his own.

Conor Lynch defined classical architecture as adhering to the traditions, principles, and style of Greek and Roman architecture. It is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. In the 20th century, classical architectural style was completely discarded, which is why students the need to learn classical architecture in archives instead of universities, the architect lamented. The discussion also addressed, among other things, how to revitalize classical architectural traditions and why this is important for the future.