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MCC Students visited key institutions in Indonesia, the world's fourth most populous country. The primary objective of the trip was to give students an insight into Indonesia's system of foreign relations.

During their trip to Jakarta, students visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and met Dr. Yayan Ganda Hayat Mulayana, Indonesia’s Head of Foreign Policy Strategy, and Spica A. Tutuhatunewa, Head of the Center for Policy Strategy for America and Europe. MCC’s delegation was also received by the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where Dr. Reza A. Maulana, Vice President for Bilateral Relations with Hungary and Croatia, discussed Hungarian-Indonesian relations. The delegation visited the Embassy of Hungary in Jakarta, where Ambassador Lilla Karsay gave a presentation on the major driving forces of the relationship between the two countries, including the toll system set up in Indonesia by the Hungarian company Roatex. During their visit to FCPI (Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia), Soemadi Djoko Brotodiningrat, the former Ambassador of Indonesia to Japan and the United States, gave a presentation on Indonesia's foreign policy.

After Jakarta, the students travelled to Yogyakarta where, following a meeting with George Iwan Marantika, Honorary Consul of Hungary, they were introduced to the fascinating coffee culture of Indonesia. The last day of the study trip focused on academia and culture and MCC students visited three Indonesian universities, Atmajaya University, Universitas Islam Indonesia, and the University of Gadjah Madara. These meetings not only provided an opportunity to review and discuss the student’s assignments, but provided an option for networking, as MCC students were able to meet students from the host universities. During the day, the students also had the chance to visit the World Heritage-listed Borobudur and Prembanan temples.

Photos by János Urbancsek, student of the School of International Relations