At the economy level, entrepreneurship is an ecosystem that sustains economic growth by complex dynamic processes that drive resource allocation and productive entrepreneurship. This narrative is gaining weight among academics and social planners interested in characterizing this ecosystem and delineating the multiple economic processes that different stakeholders activate to shape it. The measurement of entrepreneurial ecosystems is not only about capturing the size and magnitude of a key concept. It is also fundamentally about understanding what shapes relationships within the ecosystem, as well as outcomes that come from it. Policy is at the heart of many of these relationships.

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  • Prof. Dr. Zoltán Ács, MCC Visiting Fellow
  • Prof. Dr. László Szerb, Professor, University of Pécs, Head of the Quantitative Management Institute
  • Dr. Márton Sulyok, Head of the Center for Constitutional Law

Moderator: Noemi Besedes, MCC International Directorate

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