Political Islam is the collective name for those ideologies using religion that try to reshape society, culture, and the political system. Although groups advocating such worldviews are primarily a challenge for Muslim countries themselves, they have also appeared in Europe in recent decades and, abusing the liberal political environment, have operated undisturbed for a long time. Following the integration failures and the emergence of terrorism, governments and authorities across Europe are trying to protect the democratic system and European values from the organizations that pose a threat.

Can they succeed? What is the danger facing Europe?

The Dokumentationsstelle Politischer Islam (DPI), founded by the Austrian government, has been monitoring the operation of various Islamist organizations in Austria and Western Europe since 2016. At the round table discussion, the colleagues of the DPI and the Migration Research Institute (MRI) will jointly search for answers.


  • Ferdinand Haberl (deputy director, DPI)
  • Alexander Weissenburger (researcher, DPI)
  • Viktor Marsai (director, MRI)
  • Omar Sayfo (senior researcher, MRI)

Moderator: Márk Vargha (senior analyst, MRI)