Internationalisation in higher education means opening up and integrating institutions and programmes at a global level. It aims to enhance the international experience of students, teachers and researchers and to break down barriers between knowledge and cultures. 

In the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan, ethnic tensions between Kyrgyz, Uzbeks and Tajiks are particularly pronounced in the Fergana Valley, where all three groups live. Kyrgyz education places great emphasis on overcoming prejudices arising from ethnic differences, which is also reflected in the internationalisation of higher education.

Ms Ibraimova is also linked to our country on several professional points, opening a Hungarian Centre at the Faculty of International Relations of Osh University, where international relations students study Hungarian language and culture.


  • Saikal Ibraimova - Associate professor, Dean of the Faculty of International Relations, Osh State University, Kyrgyzstan
  • Enikő Szakos - Coordinator of the Learning Institute - moderator

The event will be in English, without interpretation.All who interested are welcome!

Date: 8th december 2023 (friday) – 12:00-13:30

Location: Scruton MCC – 1113 Budapest, Tas vezér u. 3-7.