Anticipate an insightful and comprehensive discussion at the upcoming event on subnational innovation competitiveness. The agenda will encompass a nuanced analysis of regional strengths, collaborative strategies, the influence of patents, cultural dynamics, and the multifaceted challenges inherent in crafting effective innovation policies at the subnational level. Moreover, the event will shed light on the pivotal roles played by research and development, foreign direct investment, and the creation of high-paying jobs in cultivating a thriving innovation ecosystem. Notably, Barbara Kolm from the Austrian Economics Center, hailing from the same country as the renowned economist Joseph Schumpeter, will bring an additional layer of historical significance to the discourse, connecting the contemporary conversation to Austria's rich intellectual heritage in the field of economics and innovation. 


Barbara Kolm, director, Austrian Economic Center

Viktor Lázár, research project leader, MCC Centre for Next Technological Futures

Moderators: Anna Káldy and Máté Ujvárosi