• Joël Hautebert, Portail universitaire du droit, university professor of legal history
  • Yannick Jaffré, Associate professor of philosophy, essayist, political advisor
  • Thibaud Gibelin, Paris Est-Créteil University, historian, MCC visiting fellow, political scientist
  • János Setényi, MCC Learning Institute, director, educational expert

What is the position of history and humanities in the French education system? How has it changed in the last decades? What are the special attributes of the French system of history education? How does the European dimension appear in the classrooms? What are the most significant challenges French students and the system of K12 education must face?

History and humanities play an essential role in every education system, it can provide the observers with special insights about the whole society. Our panel discussion introduces four experienced speakers who share their thoughts on the topic.