I'm Zsolt Szabó Botond, born in 1999 in Sopron, the most loyal town. Ever since, I have always been interested in public affairs, politics, history and geography. I remember even in kindergarten, while the others were talking about superheroes and whatnot, I couldn't decide whether to be Attila the Hun against the Romans or a soldier in a border fort against the Turks in a game. That hasn't changed much since then. I don't like the mainstream world or anything else that's boring or mass. This is probably true for us Hungarians in general;  we are not interested in what belongs to others or what everyone else is doing. We like to go our own way.

I spent my twelve years of public education at Hunyadi János Evangelical Primary School, then at Széchenyi István High School, and then I applied to university to study Political Science at the National University of Public Service. In the blink of an eye, I became a “veteran” fourth-year university student, which continues to amaze me. What turned out to be my best decision? Definitely my application to Mathias Corvinus Collegium. For me, MCC is a bit like a bird sanctuary, where talented young people who have had their wings clipped by life are nurtured and taught, helped to fly again. They would not have the opportunity to do so elsewhere. Partly in gratitude for this help, this year, I'm working as an assistant for the Center for Social Science at the MCC School of Social Sciences and History. My research explores the impact of Facebook on sovereignty and fundamental rights.