I am currently doing my last semester at the Corvinus University of Budapest, majoring in Finance and Accounting. Although I have developed a lot professionally during my university years, I feel that this is not the career in which I could unfold all my potentials. I want to do something for people, to make an impact on their life. High school teaching and the non-profit sector is what really attracts me and makes me feel comfortable. Once I get my bachelor's degree, I am going to apply for a Master's degree to become a Teacher of Economics. I am currently doing my university internship at an NGO, Amigos for Children Foundation. It is not yet clear to me which field will really suit me, but I am trying to find an answer along the lines of the aforementioned aspirations.  In addition, it is of paramount importance to me to gain experience in as many areas of life as possible. This is the reason why I applied to the Mathias Corvinus Collegium's program for high school students, and then to its Junior and specialized courses. The MCC community has given me a lot over the years, and I have made lifelong friendships. Besides academic and professional development, I find it important to be part of a unique group of people where we can motivate each other and enjoy each other's company.