Head of the MCC School of Media. "Kalnoky, you should become a journalist!" - "God forbid!" I had this brief exchange with one of my teachers in eighth grade. Eventually, journalism became my life. I was born in Germany in 1961 to a Szekler father and a Silesian mother. My parents moved to a new country or city every few years, so I spent my childhood in Germany, the United States, the Netherlands and France, in six different cities. I finished school in Paris, studied political science in Hamburg (graduated in 1986), then joined the editorial staff of the German newspaper Die Welt. When the change of regime came in 1989, my Hungarian roots went east, and I started to write about Central and Eastern Europe. In 1993, I left my burgeoning career at Die Welt and came to Budapest to freelance. Nine months later, I was lured back, now as a correspondent. In 2004, I became a correspondent for Turkey and the Middle East, based in Istanbul, from where I returned in 2013. In 2015 I left Die Welt again to freelance again in Hungary. Although I continue to work for them, I now also work in parallel with Austrian and Swiss publications. I can't live without writing, and I want to share this passion with my students.