What is the impact of digitalization on freedom of speech? What are the biggest challenges facing journalism today? Is there such thing as objective reporting? These and many other questions will be addressed at the upcoming international media conference of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium.

With the help of renowned journalists and media experts we will explore the most pressing issues facing modern journalism, such as:

  • the role of social media in shaping the public discourse
  • the changing role of journalism in the digital age
  • the growing responsibility of editors in the era of mass communication

Speakers will include:

  • Ed West, author, journalist and blogger, deputy editor of UnHerd
  • Matyas Zrno, foreign desk editor at CNN Prima News
  • Birgit Kelle, publicist, journalist (Die Welt, Focus, Die Freie Welt)
  • Alexandre del Vecchio, journalist at Le Figaro
  • Julius Krein, co-founder and editor of American Affairs

In one of the most intriguing panels From Gatekeepers to Gate Openers: the Public Duty of Journalism in the Digital Age, we will discuss how editors can influence objective reporting by making decisions on what to publish. In this panel, one of our speakers will be Ralf Schuler, chief correspondent of the Parliament Office of Bild.

The language of the conference will be English. Please register at:https://feliratkozas.mcc.hu/mcc-conference-on-the-freedom-of-expression-in-the-digital-age-registration