We kindly invite you to the book launch and discussion open to the press, of the book ’Apocalypse never’ by Michael Shellenberger, which is published in Hungary by Gingko Publishing Company in cooperation with MCC Press.

The book of Michael Shellenberger shows a perfect image of the extremities of the last period related to the environmental protection. Climate changes causes problems but at the same time it represents opportunities which we should take. Thanks to the technological progress we can be able to eliminate the environmental problems.

Do the panic-creating environmental organisations distort the facts? Do the innovative solutions lead us to the more sustainable future instead of dismantling the modern economy? Will the apocalypse not take place? The answers to these questions are sought by the author who visit the MCC personally from the United States on the occasion of book launch, in response to the invitation of the Climate Policy Institute.

Shellenberger is a renowned journalist, a former environmental activist. He is an ecopragmatist, a Green Book Award Winner bestseller writer who was awarded the prize „Hero of the Environment”. He is founder of several significant environmental institutions such as the Environmental Progress and the Breakthrough Institute.

Attendance at the event is free but prior registration is required, which will be subject to the current pandemic regulation.

You can register HERE.


  • Michael Shellenberger, Author of the book ’Apocalypse never’
  • Dr. András Lánczi, Member of the Board of Trustees, MCC
  • Máté Litkei, Director of Climate Policy Institute
  • Dr. Péter Zombori, Expert, publisher’s reader, Gingko Publishing Company

Anyone who is interested is welcome!