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What is the advance of the prospects of right-wing in Europe and Latin America? This was the topic of the latest MCC Budapest Lectures organized by Mathias Corvinus Collegium. The guest lecturer of the event was Andrés Pastrana Arango, former president of Colombia.

The elections of the past few weeks have kept Europe and Latin America on their toes, as the right-wing parliamentary elections in Sweden and Italy and the ongoing presidential elections in Brazil are expected to shift the international balance of power. Among other things, we looked at how the future of international relations will be affected by the rise of the right-wing and if we can expect further shifts in world politics. The former president of Colombia has emphasized that democracy is a political system in its infancy and each country is experimenting with it in its own way, with the inevitable risk of conflict within society. „Colombia is a beautiful country with an incredible diversity of natural resources, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, rainforests and the Andes plains," said Pastrana. The Colombian politician pointed out that during his presidency, Plan Colombia was launched, which has tackled the drug problem in the country to a large extent. To bring peace was a huge task, but now is the most peaceful period in Colombia, he added. The President wants people to think of Colombia not in terms of drugs and Pablo Escobar because Colombia has much greater potential.