The Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) Hungarian-German Institute for European Cooperation is proud to present the first volume of the series "Beiträge zur deutsch-ungarischen Verständigung". The aim of the series is to create a regular publication platform that brings important bilateral issues closer to the interested German-speaking readership from a Hungarian perspective and to continue building bridges between Germany and Hungary.

The first volume in the series, "Ungarn ist anders", collects selected essays by Bence Bauer, Director of the Hungarian-German Institute for European Cooperation, published between 2021 and 2023, ranging from Hungarian history and current discourses on Germany and Hungary to Hungary's role in Europe.

In the context of the upcoming European Parliament elections and Hungary's presidency of the EU Council, Bauer offers the audience an opportunity to explore in more detail the contradictions and specificities of the relations between the two countries.


  • Bence Bauer, Director of the German-Hungarian Institute for European Cooperation and author of the book


  • Prof. Dr. Frank-Lothar Kroll, Professor of 19th and 20th Century European History at Chemnitz University of Technology, editor of the book and Visiting Fellow of the German-Hungarian Institute


Time: 2024. february 05. (Monday) 

Venue:  Scruton MCC