Nearly 20 years have passed since the emergence of the G-Learning (game-based) concept. The trend marked a big change in the world of education, which combines games, especially online games and education.After the success of model schools in South Korea, G-Learning continued to spread to the United States, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia.Games are not just software. Games, especially online-based games, are representations of society made up of human. With a system of competition and cooperation between people, games provide the most massive stimulus and tension between various entertainments. Players must work with their "guild colleagues" to win while fiercely competing with other guilds. Elementary, middle and high school students show remarkable concentration and motivation when playing the competitive and collaborative G-Learning game.

Speakers of the podium talk are distinguished experts of education:

  • Prof. Jong Hyun Wi,

Virtual Convergence College, Dean; Business School, Chung-Ang University Korea, Professor; President of Korea Game Society andChairman of Korea Future Contents Convergence Forum with the KoreaNational Assembly.

  • Prof. Gábor Halász,

Eötvös Loránd University, Doctoral School of Education, leader; Mathias Corvinus Collegium Learning Institute, Senior Advisor

  • Fodor Richárd,

Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Assistant Lecturer; Mathias Corvinus Collegium Learning Institute, research project coordinato

The event will be in English, without interpretation.

All who interested are welcome!

Date: 2th february 2024 (friday) – 16:00-17:30

Location: Scruton MCC – 1113 Budapest, Tas vezér u. 3-7.