The concept of Global minimum corporate tax (GMCT) was proposed by OECD as a principle of profit taxation. The proposal led to debates but finally, a broad international political consensus was reached. What is the global minimum tax's impact and how will it affect the future of the global economy? The Founders of Global Tax Institute, Conor Lenihan and Philip Pilkington, will present the global minimum tax topic during the next MCC Budapest Lectures event.

The event is open to the press and all, but pre-registration is required.


5.00-6.00 PM Moderated discussion

  • Conor Lenihan, Founder, Global Tax Institute
  • Moderator: Dr. Géza Sebestyén, Head of Economic Policy Center, MCC

6.00-6.30 PM Q&A

Conor Lenihan is a former Minister for Science, Technology & Innovation. Currently, he is an investment professional and author.

Dr. Géza Sebestyén was previously a lecturer at the Kodolányi János College, the University of Szeged and the Corvinus University of Budapest. He has also held positions such as Director of Research at the OECONOMUS Economic Research Foundation, Board member of MKB Venture Capital Fund Management, and Member of the Advisory Board of the Pallas Athéné Domus Scientiae Foundation. Géza Sebestyén is a qualified mathematician and economist who has taught as a visiting fellow at the mathematics training courses of the Munich Business School in Germany, the Azerbaijan Stock Exchange, ESSCA in France, the International Banking School, WU Vienna, the World Bank, Selye János University in Révkomárom (2003-2005) and ELTE University. He obtained his PhD degree from Corvinus University of Budapest, his research topic was dynamic stochastic banking asset resource management. He is co-author of several textbooks in English and Hungarian and has published about 20 scientific papers. His academic articles are regularly published in Macronome, but he has also published on the websites Index, Portfolio and Növekedé

We welcome all those interested!