In his book Admirable Evasions - How Psychology Undermines Morality, Theodore Dalrymple seeks an explanation for why human self-understanding has not improved through the promises of different psychological trends.

We look beyond this issue at this MCC event. The modern world has significantly transformed social reality, as well as people's lifestyles and attitudes towards health and disease. And in this changed system, psychology seems to have become the mainstay of people: there are a multitude of specialist books and books promising help on the shelves of bookstores, and patients coming for therapy, training, coaching. Has fiction, which may have previously played a role in providing a kind of moral stability, remained relevant in this situation? Is there any opposition between psychology and literature at all?


  • Csaba Éger, research fellow at the Center for Community Studies at MCC,
  • Patrick Gray, senior visiting fellow at MCC,
  • Calum T. Nicholson, visiting fellow at MCC and Danube Institute,
  • and Anthony Daniels, author, journalist, cultural critic and psychiatrist.

Participation in the event is free, but in all cases it is subject to registration, which we adapt to the current epidemiological regulations.


We look forward to your attendance!